Lungu frees close to 3,000 prisoners

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President Edgar Lungu has pardoned 2,984 inmates in the wake of the commemoration of Africa freedom day.

Home affairs minister Stephen kampyongo has announced.

Further, the minister has announced that over 2000 non convicts have been granted unconditional bail to reduce congestion in prison facilities amidst the outbreak of covid -19.

Zambian prisons are no worse than the average Sub Saharan African prison. In fact in some ways better, levels of torture being quite low. The current command of Zambia Correctional Service is known to be modern and supportive of outside help.

However, inhumane treatment due to the poor conditions of imprisonment is a concern. At the moment the Zambian Correctional Service holds more than 21,000 inmates (2018), and they try their best to do what they can within their limited means.

Currently, ZCS have 3050 staff members, 25 health facilities in the more than 80 institutions around the country, meaning that many prisons have no health facilities at all.

Overcrowding is very significant. In some facilities it is up to 600% of capacity, causing not only stress but physical ailments such as scabies, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases are spread at alarming rate.

HIV/AIDS rates are high, though the current prevalence is uncertain, but the last national survey showed a 27% prevalence rate.

Water supply is eradicate in some prisons, and this leads to poor hygiene. Soap, detergents and disinfectants are a rare commodity. Lack of hygiene of course contributes to the health problems.


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  1. Country men and women tighten your security criminals are set free.

    Patrick Mwanza
    May 22, 2020 at 8:32 pm

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