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Lovers having ‘quality’ time in a car attacked

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UNKNOWN people in Livingstone attacked two lovers that were found having a sex in a car, which they parked a few kilometres from the Livingstone weighbridge along the Livingstone-Lusaka road.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed that development to ZANIS.

Ms. Katanga said two hooligans, armed with sticks and pangas, on Saturday evening around 19:30 hours attacked the named man, a businessman of residing Railways Compound in Livingstone and his girlfriend residing at Highlands hotel.

Ms. Katanga said the man, who is believed to be married to another woman, informed the police that the thugs attacked him and his girlfriend and got away with KR3, 200 and their clothes leaving them naked.

She said the attackers also went away with other valuable.

Ms. Katanga disclosed that the man sustained an injury on his left leg following the attack, which the two lovers said occurred when they stopped and parked the car along the road to allow the woman to answer the call of nature.

Passers-by that found the couple stranded on the road while naked however assisted them with clothes before going to report the matter at Livingstone Central Police station where the man allegedly refused the police to call his wife to bring him decent clothes.

Katanga however said the police have since launched a manhunt for the attackers saying despite the circumstances that led the lovers to be attacked.


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