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Ladies rescued from abductors empowered, employed

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Community Development and Social Services Minister, Doreen Mwamba

The 13 young women who were abducted in 2022, have found renewed hope as they are now employed in various government departments, while others have been granted opportunities to further their studies.

These young women are now given the chance to build promising futures after enduring unimaginable challenges and horror from the hand of their abductors who were this year convicted for their acts.

This uplifting development follows their harrowing rescue from captivity in Lusaka’s Chalala area by the police last year.

According to Government, five of these courageous women have been welcomed into the ranks of the Zambia National Service, while two have been integrated into the Ministry of Community Development and the Police Service.

Community Development and Social Services Minister, Doreen Mwamba, shared that the remaining five women will commence nursing programs at different government institutions starting in January 2024.

In a gesture of support and empowerment, Mwamba also announced that one woman among the group has been awarded a scholarship to aid in her pursuit of higher education.

Minister Doreen Mwamba, while speaking to ZNBC News, emphasized that all the women have been thriving and that her ministry has been diligently overseeing their well-being since the day of their rescue.

The government’s proactive stance in helping these women reintegrate into society and pursue meaningful careers and education exemplifies their dedication to the well-being of their citizens.

– Kalemba


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