Just because you keep cattle, it doesn’t mean you can rule – Lusambo

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Lusambo in the Hot FM Studio

PF Lusaka province Minister Bowman Lusambo this morning said just because one can keep cattle in reference to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema does not mean he can rule the country.

Hichilema is a successful cattle rancher with over 100, 000 herds of cattle. He is second from Zambeef largest supplier of beef in Zambia.

But when featuring on Hot FM radio Lusambo said “just because you can keep cattle it does not mean you can keep people.

And UPND Chairperson for Agriculture and Livestock Levy Ngoma has described the remark as an insult to the farmers by the the ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF).

Here is what Ngoma who is also former member of Parliament in Eastern province said:

The statement by the PF leadership through the Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo this morning on Hot FM radio programme that ‘Just because you keep cattle it does not mean you can keep people’ yet again shows how demeaning and insulting the PF have continued to treat farmers in the country.

There are currently thousands, if not millions of Zambian households that fully depend on livestock and other agriculture related activities. Does it mean all of them do not qualify to aspire to be leaders? This statement once again confirms the PF’s disdain and impunity views about the farming community in the country.

This is the reason today July 5th, the maize floor price has not been announced. Livestock is dying due to uncontrolled diseases, and the PF is blind or deaf on this because they consider majority of our people engaged in this activity as not worthy attention.

And these are the people who keep parroting economic diversification of the country and make agriculture one of the main engines of economic development.

But Lusambo and his PF leadership must know some historical facts dating back to Biblical times that great leaders such as King David, Moses etc and in our times great leaders such as late Nelson Mandela (MSRIP) were shepherds and very proud of their activities. Almost all the former presidents of agriculture rich Botswana have been proud farmers and the difference in the two economies is telling. Late Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa (MHRIP) was a proud farmer and his agriculture policy is still giving us the bumper harvests we are getting. The US economic hubs such as Texas regions where former President George Bush cames from, prides itself of the massive farming activities, especially in the livestock industry.

It’s also important to remind the PF leadership such as Bowman Lusambo that it took a huge sacrifice by the same cattlemen and women to sell their animals and fight independence liberation movement including buying tickets for the team that traveled to Lancaster House in the United kingdom where independence and freedoms were negotiated and achieved. He should thus use his office knowing that all the trappings of power he is currently enjoying are a gift from hardworking herdsmen and women.



3 Responses to Just because you keep cattle, it doesn’t mean you can rule – Lusambo

  1. Lusambo’s envy and jealousy has no limits! Anyway getting to where he is, is an interesting story for one who can not even use his “humble” enlightenment to the maximum in leadership! Mr Lusambo must know that its just a matter of time and in case he does not know early childhood lessons towards inculcating responsibility is gained through assignment to tender living things (animals). The insult can only be seen as targeted by the narrow minded for keeping cattle cuts across the width and breadth of Zambia!

    When power gets to ones’ head it chews into the fabrics of morality! The seat being enjoyed by Lusambo will another time be filled by somebody else! Remember the cartoon depicting climbing the ladder!

    July 5, 2018 at 10:32 pm

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