Juju is cheating, it is not religion – Pastor Choolwe

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Senegalese player

Lusaka Clergy Pastor Choolwe has joined the juju debate responding to Civil Activist MacDonald Chipenzi who said Senegal was within it’s right to practice juju during the final match against Zambia.

Chipenzi says practice of juju was after all not illegal in Zambia. He says the Zambian national team were allowed to practice their religion by praying in the pitch and wondered why Senegalese were not allowed to enjoy the same right.

Below is Pastor Choolwe’s full response:

I have heard that some people are trying to suggest that the practice of juju was religion on the part of the Senegalese.

I find this attempt by our Intelligent Zambians to be totally dishonest and an attempt to look like Human Rights heroes.

But let me remind them of the following facts :

1. The people you claim practice juju as a religion have actually refused practicing juju. So whose right of worship are you defending?

2. Don’t talk the constitution. Talk soccer. Use CAF and FIFA rules. While juju maybe worship like you want to claim under our constitution , when you bring it to soccer it may amount to cheating. And that is why the Senegalese coach distanced himself from it. When you read FIFA and CAF rules, assuming the juju does not work, the simple carrying of objects into the playing field is prohibited.

3. Sports is sports. Zambians were not crying for practice of Christianity on the pitch but for fairness. We were ready to win or lose but fairly so. Unless you want to claim that witchcraft does not work then we will declare you totally unworthy of an intelligent conversation with us.

4. The next time you want to defend Senegal you must also remember that in terms of religion many of them are Muslims and not Jujuists if there is anything like that. So even there no-one told you that it’s their religion. You are assuming and concocting this to look nice and civilized but sorry not this time. This is sports.

Ask even the drunk guys who were shouting Holy Ghost fire yesterday. Their concern is the unfairness that witchcraft brings into a sport which should be handled fairly. If you doubt that witchcraft can change a game, I will conclude that we can’t even engage your not sincere minds.

So dear intelligent colleagues, please find another opportunity to display your Human Rights experties, your know-how in the freedom of worship etc. This time around your good points don’t apply. We are talking sports here and even the people you want to defend know that juju in sports amounts to cheating or atleasts suggests so.

Please stick to sports. JUJU IS CHEATING AND YOU KNOW IT. So talk sports. Sports must be sports. Leave religion out of this.

I AM NOT A LAWYER BUT I THINK THE WITCHRAFT ACT WAS ENACTED TO PREVENT THE HARMFUL USE OF JUJU TO DISADVANTAGE OTHERS. So while you want to claim it is a religion, the Zambian laws criminalised it. Lawyers may correct me on this.

Conclusion is JUJU is cheating. So it was not Christianity Vs juju. It was fairness vs cheating.


8 Responses to Juju is cheating, it is not religion – Pastor Choolwe

  1. Pastor choolwe! Zambia is a christian nation which allows sale and use of witchcraft for everything in newspapers and at markets. Go to soweto market lusaka, its plenty! If it was dagga, christian govenment wud stop it but now its witchcraft…no..no..its needed by politicians, prophetas..pastors …promotions..businessmen ..name..it. My question is why are u quiet about this issue of openly selling witchcraft in zambia?, just when senegalise use it here publicly, that is when you comment. Your action indicates that when zambians are buying this stuff from soweto and using it secretly, thats fine!! When a senegalise uses same thing in public its worth condeming. Eeehh?? I suppose You should have condermed senegalise for using witchcraft in public, which zambians dont do and should hv advised them to use it in secrecy, next time, coz this how it goes pa zed. U are using same thing, difference is in secrecy anf in public!!

    shema israel
    March 14, 2017 at 4:22 pm

  2. Pastor Cholwe,thanks you are very right may God bless you for guiding that lost sheep who were backing evil.

    The Wise
    March 14, 2017 at 6:37 pm

  3. Come to think of it,what do the sangoma’s who advertise on ZNBC radio one Bemba & Nyanja evening programmes every wednesday & thursday prescribe,to their clients? To find long lost lovers,marriage,job seekers,luck in business,manhood enlargement(sic.) even in the classified ads of the daily tabloids,its JUJU! @shema israel you’re right its not a hidden secret,even Zambians are using the powers of darkness,only thing is eventually they can’t win over the power of God who is LIGHT.

    March 14, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    • Welcome spoken pastor just because we have one wrong should mean we torelate ever

      March 15, 2017 at 6:12 am

  4. I fail to understand the argument by Pastor Choolwe. I think he has something that he wants to tell Chipenzi away from the Juju debate. Chipenzi’s argument is clear. both teams were praying to some deity. The methods were different but they were both seeking favours from some God or god. The Pastors bringing in issues of human rights is misplaced and disturbing. Why are some pastors so jittery about human rights activitism in Zambia? Each time human rights are involved in a debate, some pastors are rubbed on the wrong side of their conscious. I dont understand but I thought they should be in the forefront championing the rights of citizens. While the Team Coach claimed ignorance of what was happening in his team, he was fully responsible because the lads were under his charge. Yes Juju is a religion. In Burkina Faso Voodoo was declared an Official religion. The recent N’çwala ceremony were some Chief was drinking blood from an animal so brutally slaughtered is part of that Religion. The Nyau, Makishi and many other fetishes are part of that religion and practised openly or secretly in this so called Christian Nation. Yes we want fairness in sport but let us not be hypocrites who allow Christian rites to be practiced on the field of play but can not tolerate other religious practices to take place on the same pitches. This to me is hypocrisy.

    March 15, 2017 at 9:21 am

  5. To be sincere what does witchcraft do to the development of mankind .
    It is all about cheating and stealing from the unsuspecting community.
    Can chipenzi agree that he is witch; can he tell us or his own family what he has achieved by killing innocent souls.

    March 15, 2017 at 10:39 am

  6. Dear Pastor Choolwe,

    Thank you for your response and also your argument, though out of context,on juju vis-a-vis my post on my fb. But before i delve into correcting you in the name of Jesus, allow me to speak to the words of my comrades who have accurately argued to your article namely Blackbird, manluche and shema Israel. I thought being a pastor could have helped you not only to understand theology but also the laws of the land so that you can ably respect authorities as per scriptures in Romans 13. However, it seems you have limited knowledge of the constitution of the republic of Zambia and sports is conducted within the provisions of this document. Also, you have conveniently ignored the realities on the streets, townships, markets, churches, workplaces and school and even among your flock etal about the use of juju for fortunes, evil exorcise, healing etal. You have also deliberately blinded yourself to the reality that fortune tellers, traditional healers do exist and advertise their merchandise openly in the media.

    However, that was not my focus in my article and if you read it properly, i brought the issue of legality which is what the law says about the manifestation and practicing of beliefs, religion and consciences. I did not say use of juju is wrong or right but that it is not illegal and hope you do understand an illegal thing and a wrong thing. For ease of understanding, lest you misquote me again, wrong is to do with morality which was not my focus of discussion while legality is about what the law says on a matter which was my focus. And please take time to read the constitution provisions cited below and then argue whether juju practice is illegal in Zambia. The moral argument we can be for the other day. Article 19 and Article 4 and the Preamble of the constitution.

    The Preamble of our republican Constitution as amended in 2016 states, ” WE, THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA: DECLARE the Republic a Christian Nation while upholding a person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion,….” and further states ” WE THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA: RECOGNISE AND UPHOLD the multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural character of our Nation…”

    Responding to the argument that let us talk sport and not law, it find it rather very disappointing because of the man of God is supposed to pin his argument on the law and not on an event which is governed by the law of the land. If it was only a fifa or caf event, we could not have seen zambia police who are by law mandated to maintain law and order instead, fifa or and caf police if there is one would have manned the game. So as long as the event is within the territorial boundaries of the country, the laws of the land do apply. The constitution or any law is not suspended just because it is sport that is why the police announced that about 20 people were arrested for various offences during the sport event. How do describe the police’s involvement in a sport that is governed by fifa and caf rules and not national laws?

    Therefore, I remain steadfast that use of charms or juju in Zambia is not illegal but legal and everyone is free to practice, teach, observe their belief, religion and conscience is accordance with the law. Juju is a belief which is covered in the constitution and most African Traditional Religions employ juju.

    Hope this clears your misquotations of my argument.

    Mcdonald chipenzi
    March 15, 2017 at 7:16 pm

  7. Congratulations Mr Chipenzi!

    Your contribution has explained various reasons things are happening the way we see them.

    I am advising the Government to acadermise the titles of Pastors, prophetas, bishops evangelists..etc and other clergy posts pataining to churches, so that there is a minimum level of acadermic qualification, with these people which allows them to have a broader understanding of things they are talking about, instead of passing judgements which are so premature to the topic they are engaged-in and hence bring shame on the credibility of these honoured religious noble titles, they are carrying.

    So minimum qualification for pastors is a “masters degree in law”. so as to minimise lies from these so called men of God or god!!

    March 16, 2017 at 12:24 pm

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