Is the message stale – COVID-19?

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By Dickson Jere

There is urgent need to change the narrative. The Covid-19 message seem to be stale and people are not adhering to the preventive measures and guidelines despite the surge in cases of deaths in Zambia.

When confronted with such sudden curve in public health, the messaging becomes important.

You see, when the “mask up, social distance and wash your hands” campaign was launched in March 2020, we didn’t have cases per se.

When the first two were recorded, we all went in overdrive and literally closed ourselves indoors.

The message was powerful at that time but with time cases never escalated hence the relaxation that followed.

But now we back to serious business – the cases are on the upswing and deaths too! We therefore need to change the messaging and instill a bit of fear in our people by emphasizing on the “deaths” in Zambia so that they can believe it is now real! It has even entered Parliament where MPs and Ministers have been affected.

Messaging is key to prevention! Let the public health team change the narrative to make people believe that Covid-19 which eluded us earlier is now here! It is in Parliament and Ministers infected.

Maybe we need to show some blurred pictures of the BIDs (Brought In Dead) at UTH to make people realise it is for real!


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