HH’s presidential running mate – The contenders

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01 HH RUNNING MATEBy Joe Mwansa Lombe Kaluba
Opposition Political parties together with Media Institutions, Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) including Faith Based Organisations are an important element of our democratic process. A sane opposition helps to provide proper checks and balances. A balanced Civil Society and Media helps to aid that democratic consolidation. However, we live in a world where any group that is not in government sees itself as an opposition. Hence in most cases you find a very thin line between political organisations and those that are not. The only difference though is that only political parties seek elective office which is directly link to them being a very important part of that political landscape and democratisation.
In my last post I wrote about individuals who I thought would be possible President Edgar Lungu’s Running Mate(RM). In this post I thought of doing one about the possible RM for Hakainde Hichilema(HH) of United Party for National Development(UPND. Unlike Lungu, HH has to pick someone who can help him sell. As we all know this will be the fifth Presidential attempt by the UPND leader. HH has become like that product in a shop or market that people keep looking at without buying it and all what the seller does is to dust it everyday. That is HH for you. So in this regard his choice of RM is very crucial. He has to pick someone who will help him sell before he gets expired politically.
So what is HH looking for in his RM or dancing mate? The other question to be answered by HH should be. Can I win these election? Depending on what Hichilema’s answer is-this will determine his choice for his RM. I think HH is looking for as pointed above someone who can help sell him. In my opinion this is the toughed election UPND under him have ever taken part in. So not only for their leader the party will push for someone who should probably take over from Hichilema after losing elections a record five times. So it’s not easy as many UPND supporters think. Okay!!
The Contenders: Lungu has not given us the name but he has hinted on having a woman as his RM. HH has not. So male and female alike are all in it. Please note this is my own political opinion and it does not what so ever indicate the position of individuals including the position of UPND.
1-Jacob Jack Mwiimbu will be 57 on 23rd July. A Lawyer by profession the Monze MP holds a Latin Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Laws) commonly know as LLB among other qualifications. The MP for Monze since 2001 was in the papers a few weeks ago refuting media claims that old UPND members want him to be the running-mate. I have been to Monze many times and the town is growing very fast. However the question is. Is this due to the MP’s influence or is it the central government together with the traditional leaders who are influencing that? Mwiimbu is a senior member of the party and he knows UPND in and out. But the question is do I see him as a RM to HH? I do but this will depend on the influence of the party membership.
2-Canisius Banda- He is a Medical Doctor by profession. The former Deputy Director of Technical Support Services -Health Education at Ministry of Health is the current UPND vice president for political affairs. He is seen as a loyal member of UPND. Banda though disappointing in his political pronouncements is in my opinion one of the brains we have in Zambia. For me the doctor is a failed politician. In the actual sense he is not a politician. However, we don’t only need politicians to govern or contribute to the development of our country. CB knows as much as everyone that the chances of him being picked for that RM slot are not all that high. But you never know. Politics can sometimes be unpredictable. So it might be Canisius Banda as HH’s dancing or running-mate.
3-Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. The accused owner of a Mortal Combat Gym in Lusaka and former or current Kasama MP depending on how you look at it will be 57 on 15th March. With the clause dictating that all aspiring candidates should hold a Grade 12 School Certificate or equivalent. GBMs educational credentials have been questioned not only by outsiders but also those within UPND. However according to National Assembly records only “Form V” is indicated as his qualification. It does not however tell us if he has a certificate or not. In short if one puts married on their marital status it doesn’t mean they have a Marriage Certificate. The other point to note is, before January no one was asked to show papers for their qualifications before filing in of nomination. Hence it is only GBM who knows which certificates he holds. The former Defence Minister is eyeing for that RM place which he thinks is a very big opportunity for his shot of being Republican President. For me this is where the problem is for the old membership. We have seen how aggressive GBM is in campaigning for UPND. For me he is so sure he is the chosen one. In my opinion the chances of GBM being HH running-mate are 50-50 especially after his Mortal Combat Gym saga. The question is in the unlikely event that HH snubs him what will be his reaction? Food for thought.
4-Mutinta C Mazoka. The Pemba MP will be 67 on 20thApril. She holds a GCE and a Certificate in Agriculture. Mazoka was very influential in the election of HH as party leader in 2006 when the so called “democratic” party held their last convention. The question is why would Hichilema pick her as running-mate? It may be to repay that faith and debt she put in him. Or maybe it will be for helping to sell him the way she did 10 years ago. MCM has a lot of influence in both UPND and Southern Province. So that might force HH to pick her.
5-Gary G Nkombo- The Mazabuka Central MP turned 51 on 1st March. A Businessman and Educationist, GG has been seen as a long time successor of HH. In the actual fact after HH’s failed Presidential bid in 2011 there was word that the opposition leader should leave his position or rather hand over the party presidency to GG. Just like Mwiimbu’s RM rumours. UPND trashed the gossip. I consider Nkombo as one of the most intelligent leaders of our generation. But I sometimes question his saneness especially on national matters. Nkombo has the ability to help develop our country even if he is an opposition MP. Do I see HH going for him as a possible RM. I think yes.
Who are the other possible contenders? Ephraim Kaang’andu Belemu Mbabala MP who will be 48 on 30th July. He holds a Diploma in Marketing and a Master in Business Administration (Tourism). The other is Sylvia Masebo Chongwe MP 2001. She will be 53 a day before women’s day. The former Minster of Tourism holds a Bsc in Banking and Finance.
As politics are full of surprises. With the courtship between the Post Newspaper and HH. It will be no shock to see Miles Sampa who turns 46 a day after Christmas become RM to HH. The ambitious former Deputy Minister of Commerce who holds a BSc in Agric. Economics and an MBA-Money Market is in very good books with the paper. The other possibility is former Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who turned 58 in January. Kabimba a University of Zambia Law graduate is also in very good books with the Post Newspaper which HH asked to cover his campaign not so long ago. However, looking at the personalities of these two it remains to be seen if Sampa or Kabimba can work under HH.
We are in March meaning that August is getting closer. The date of the election is known. People must hence start to know who is running for election. Most importantly we long to see those running-mates. Let me know what you think. Who does Hichilema pick? William Banda perhaps?

13 Responses to HH’s presidential running mate – The contenders

  1. whatever! for sure its in your head. Anyway continue dreaming until you wake up to the reality that your Edgar is no longer in state house.

    March 3, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    • Stop writing these shit. Zambians have better things to read. Who cares about running-mate?
      And is all that graffiti of what education people have? Leadership knows no education qualification.

      March 5, 2016 at 11:31 pm

      • Please flight your sentiments on your own behalf and don’t generalise your views.

        I enjoyed reading the article… my fellow citizen.

        March 6, 2016 at 10:11 pm

  2. GBM would be a nice RM but he carries too much baggage, he would be attacked ruthlessly by opponents. Nawakwi should be forgotten about, her potential adoption as upn RM would raise too much dust within the UPND,it will take a long time for the dust to settle. My favourite UPND running mates are; Mutale Nalumango and Besa Chimbaka UPND luapula head. Besa chimbaka should be first choice unless otherwise. If none of the two are accpeted by the party, adopting an eloquent Easterner would be a lovely idea( whoever it may be). Why an easterner?; if the UPND will win the presidency in August, it will be largely because of eastern province. In january 2015, even with the influence of Rupiah Banda, eastern province warmed up significantly to the UPND. The upnd recorded some sweeping victories in some constituencies, E.g Sinda. According to my observation copperbelt wil give UPND 30 percent of votes, luapula 20 percent , northern-muchinga 20 to 25 percent , lusaka 30 percent. Eastern province between 35 to 45 percent. Eastern province with its third highest number of voters among the provinces will be the One province which will either send HH to state or to political retirement.

    March 3, 2016 at 5:00 pm

  3. A lot of effort mwansa kaluba but as a writer you need to use common decency pointers are that you are a fully paid PATHETIC FAILURES spin doctor and scribe am sure you work under some alias.
    The last article on ECL you painted a picture like lungu was a brainy character blessed with exemplary decision making skills and a highly intelligent reservoir to choose a running mate from “that is not the case.
    Chimbwili,mumbi,davis,bo mainonge,father bwalya are nothing but a shame and an insult to the capable and able Zambians. Comparing the list you came up with in the above laughable article to the previous one on ECL it is elementary to see who makes a better RM

    March 3, 2016 at 6:59 pm

  4. Well, Kaluba has at least written down some things most of us would rather not talk about openly for obvious reasons. Had HH known that the Running mate Clause was coming he would have positioned his party accordingly. But that is what strategic planning is all about. The odds are all assumptions until they turn into reality. The PF strategically adopted a few clauses of the new constitution which the party knew would benefit them and disadvantage the opposition especially, of course, the UPND. And right now with the entry of GBM into UPND Northerners are wondering whether it is really Tru that UPND is a tribal regional party as strategically maintained and vigorously orchestrated by PF leaders. With GBM, Mutate Nalumango, Canisius Banda etc tribal tag as a political ploy by PF seems no longer as formidable a weapon against UPND as earlier appeared. PF is desperately trying to find a replacement strategy to derail it single most formidable opposition party. Let us wait and see.

    Leadership is a serious matter
    March 3, 2016 at 7:38 pm

  5. Find something to talk about rather than exposing foolishness kaluba.

    March 4, 2016 at 6:36 am


    March 4, 2016 at 7:08 am

    • MUTATI and NEVERS MUMBA have been tainted by PamaFi and cannot be good candidates now plus the treacherous behaviour of Nevers always. The Man of Gold thrives on treachery. MAUREEN MWANAWASA, CANICIOUS BANDA and MUCHELEKA cannot be appropriate running mates but good ministers. Yes to MUTALE NALUMANGO, BESA CHIMBAKA and GBM. Edith Nawakwi would have also been a good candidate but not of late as she has been trying hard to impress EL in order to be his running mate. She was also tricked by EL just like Mutati and Nevers Mumba.

      March 4, 2016 at 7:49 am

      • Not any other candidates listed like Wynter, Miles, Mwiimbu, Nkombo etc. They can be good ministers (though Wynter has been tested and weighed already and we all know him very well, he has a good constituency). Miles Sampa overrates himself as a politician (PF yabayama mentality) and he should have just joined UPND. Milupi would make a good veep but his constituency is limited.

        March 4, 2016 at 7:57 am

        • though Wynter has been tested and weighed already and we all know him very well, his violence, arrogance and bad governance by denying us a people driven constitution. Though he has all these faults, his party is quite vibrant and ignoring him is ignoring substantial votes.

          March 4, 2016 at 10:50 am

          • @Kwilling – … his party is quite vibrant; where did you that. The loudest are not the most popular!

            March 4, 2016 at 11:30 am

  7. kaluba boyi, go and masturbate.

    March 4, 2016 at 5:53 pm

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