HH spells out his ‘government’s’ economic plan

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While he is busy fighting coronavirus, making donations, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema (HH) is also planning for life after the deadly pandemic, his economic plan for Zambia.

HH believes timing is very important and says he wants to assure the nation that hope and help is on the way.

He maintains that his party will deliver a government that will exceed the citizens’ expectations.

“I have highly impressive candidates that will be nominated to parliament in order to serve in key technical Ministries that will deliver our economic turnaround. These include Finance, Agriculture, Mines, Commerce and Investment,” he said.

He said his government’s plan for the country will be hinged on a number of pillars and set targets.

These pillars include, turning around the economy, economic diversification, strengthening institutions, as well as strengthening democracy.

HH said his administration will also prioritise the promotion of national unity, quality education, quality healthcare and the restoration of the rule of law.

Hichilema also pointed out the how ghost workers are milking state coffers dry and said he will put measures to guard against such tendencies.

“The Public Service Management Division, the HR department of the government will conduct an audit to ensure that not only do we have competent and qualified people, it will erase the corrupt phenomenon of ghost workers,” he said

HH pointed out that his government will not fire anyone for political reasons but rather, based on merit.

“Most good civil servants will stay, even though they were engaged through the PF. This may be disconcerting to many but we have to be inclusive and objective. I’ll elaborate further on this matter,” he said.

He added that a significant number of Directors and Permanent Secretaries will have to be evaluated based on their competencies, performance and record. As well as that his government will certainly intend to inject new blood in such roles and candidates are already in the system. Some will, of course, come from outside government- he noted.

According to him, his key economic objectives among others, would be anchored on the goal to raise the standards of living for Zambians.

That takes into account the production of quality jobs, provisions for better oversight & the fight against corruption.

He also emphasized on the importance of the key social and economic enablers that promote free speech, a free press and an independent Electoral Commission of Zambia.


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  1. That is the way to go Mr President. While working on the COVID, also it is important to think ahead. Twachula pafula. Mukuba wa gold bapwa ukwiba ku north western province.You , it will be zero corruption free. Forwardfye.

    Rose Mwila
    April 28, 2020 at 7:27 am

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