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HH explains why daughter’s wedding was held at the farm

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We were honoured to be among hundreds of Namwala Community members who witnessed the traditional wedding of our daughter, Miyanda, to Meenda Milambo, at our Naminwe Farm today.

Our rural upbringing has ingrained in us the belief that a child belongs to the community from which they come. Therefore, Meenda and Miyanda recognized the importance of celebrating their union with the people right in their own locality in Namwala.

The overwhelming presence of the community, along with their generous gifts, during the ceremony is a clear testament to the deep respect and love they hold for the young couple. In light of this, we urged Meenda and Miyanda to reciprocate with equal measures of love and respect towards the community.

We urged all citizens to cherish and safeguard traditional ceremonies. It is vital to officially recognize them in our statutes, ensuring that our cherished values endure amidst the influences of modernity.

We extended our heartfelt gratitude to the community members for their invaluable contributions, both material and otherwise, which greatly contributed to the success of the wedding.

Hakainde Hichilema,
President of the Republic of Zambia.


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