HH explains how he will fight corruption

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Fighting corruption is topping the list of things some Zambians want opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to address when he is elected President of Zambia.

Hichilema who says he will win the 2021 elections asked his followers on Facebook to list things they want him to address after forming government.


Yes Derick Chekwe, the starting point is ATTITUDE, our attitude towards EVERYTHING including how we choose leaders, what we consider when choosing leaders must change. So I agree with you and this mindset change starts with our elementary education if it cannot be inculcated in the home the state will foster a change in attitude with the requisite incentives and curriculum adjustments from elementary school.

Having gone through all the responses, CORRUPTION, not surprising, has topped the list of things we need to fix. Fortunately, I was at the ACC just last week where the officers were running away from receiving my letter of complaint. Part of the reason is that Edgar Lungu is retiring officers in national interest. Whereas the tenure of office for the DG is secured by the constitution, the junior officers are not. As a result, the institution becomes ineffective to the point where professionalism becomes a problem. This is the reason I have always advocated for a constitution that reduces the powers of the President from interfering in public institutions. Lungu is misusing this retirement in national interest. Let the Presidency provide strategic leadership while the civil service executes programmes.

Here are my practical steps. Immediately after being elected to the presidency (God willing) by the people of Zambia we shall work on professionalising the civil service, the President powers to retire professional officers in national interest will be gone. What this will do is simple, it will give teeth to law enforcement agencies. Crimes committed prior to our being elected to office and those who will dare commit crimes once UPND is in power will regret their actions immediately. In rule of law language there is something called IMPUNITY. This is basically where citizens break the law in full view of the law enforcement agencies. This will end just by fixing this little piece of legislation. Secondly where does corruption occur? In public procurement. Our Government will not make public procurement a secret. The purchase of fire tenders for instance, why was it a secret and we ended up buying them for 3 times the price each. It is because the public was not aware. UPND will open up public procurement, every quarter we will publish our major procurements as well as expenditure. This is called citizen participation. When citizens don’t participate we get what Thomas Zulu is saying and I quote “Corruption… all governments do work for the people. Let me paint a picture, say every working government can deliver 20 liters of water to a thirsty pipo (sic), all governments would (sic) deliver the said container. But holes in the bucket will be corruption… meaning water will be lost, resulting in less than 20liters to the people (sic).”

Once we address corruption the level of confidence in our economy will go up, guess what happens next? Huge investments come in because you people that want to start your own businesses will know that you will get business because there will be no need to “know” anyone. If you pitch properly, you will get the business. We will not have foreigners buy their way into business. We will not have cadres being favoured, everyone will compete for business. While foreign investments flows will also increase, but the employment subject is what I will tackle in the subsequent series. Let’s continue talking.



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