Hakainde Hichilema’s wisdom and intelligence

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By David Malomo

“Do you know a hardworking man? He will be successful and stand before kings” (Prov. 22:29)

As we may all know, the most important thing about goals is having one. My goal in life is to give credit where it is due (rally behind the people whose lives command respect) after all, when we complain, we remain, when we whine, we stay behind, when we praise, we rise. That’s why Elizabeth Harrison once said and I quote “those who are lifting this world upward and onwards are those who encourage more than criticise.

I have been and still am a keen follower of this great leader, Hakainde Hichilema. Having read his biography and how lowly he started in life, I’m not ashamed to say that some people are born with a golden spoon, some a silver one, a plastic spoon and still others, no spoon at all. But like one writer said, “one may not be born with a silver spoon but definitely a golden mind and he should always say to himself, my mind needs to be mined so that the gold mined can be mine!”

Please note that this purely my own observation about the UPND president. Others of course may have their own observations which I have no problem with. The trouble perhaps that would make them miss their double in this my observation is refusing to give Caesar what belongs to him. Wisdom and intelligence rests upon this president! Come see this;

*** Before he joined politics, he was already known in Africa and the world at large as one of the most successful individuals. Despite politics doing what it does to character and investments of its players, the man has maintained even making stronger his business empire, at the same time running very successfully one of the biggest political parties on the Continent. Hmmmm, Abil­ity may get you to the top, but it takes wisdom and character to stay there.

*** When the reception of the 2016 general election was not well to him especially his supporters, he thought so quick that the best way was to put off the fire that was burning inside his 3million plus supporters and the strategy worked so well because it prevented the violence and even deaths that would have followed had he not calmed down his supporters, who were seemingly geared to go on the streets and claim what they termed a ‘stolen victory’. Hmmmm that strategy showed patriotism and not bitterness or anything funny as using the people for personal gain and he needs to be commended for that by every peace loving Zambian. Thanks to Germany for that award in South Africa, they really understood that it took patriotism to calm the situation and at the same time not offending his supporters. What wisdom can do!

*** Some people cause happiness WHENEVER THEY GO. HH causes Happiness WHEREVER HE GOES, probably because of his consistency in his policies and message., I know this may be a bitter pill to swallow to some, but hey, he man is now a darling to all, when he arrives anywhere, they all gather to see him coz they know ‘Good’ has arrived. Personally I love his famous quote that he has consistently emphasised ‘you cannot redistribute poverty even with good intentions’. He mentioned lately that his 10-point plan he promised the people of Zambia in 2016 still stands. Only wise and intelligent people are consistent in their speeches. This is what I call ‘the spirit of a postage stamp’ securing success by sticking to one thing until it gets there.

*** The man was attacked right and left that he was a thief, bitter, not humble and worse Sadist/­Satanist. Very strong allegations. Everyone was like “come on man, rise up and respond, tell them you are as clean as KK handkerchief” but no, he decided to teach us all how to deal with such allegations, give them a thunderous response – silence; allow the power of time to work on them and guess what? We have all lived to see who can openly embrace witchcraft and Satanism in a Christian nation with the ministry that condemns such practices in the country, we have all seen who is genuinely humble and day light thieves alongside corrupt friends. Hmmmm only wise leaders don’t respond to petty issues. Time catches up with pretenders, haven’t they been exposed now, as to what they were accusing an innocent man? Shame!

***When most people that are as wealthy are busy inviting themselves to most countries to just make sure they can be on a plane every after three days, HH only travels out of the country when invited and on important occasions, eg, to go receive a continental award, or to speak at one of the world’s leading think tanks attended by very important economic controllers of this world. Of Corse he commands attention and journalists will ask him one or two questions about Zambia, and he will confirm in response what he already said back home. After all, he is consistent, not because he is denting the image of this country but emphasising on what has already been said back home. You cannot say one thing in Zambia and another in America on the same topic, come on, this is now a global village.


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