Green Mamba Band founder burial today

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Collen Mukonka

Green Mamba Band founder and leader Collen Mukonka who died early in the week will be buried today (Friday) in Cheelo Village, Muzoka , Pemba District.

And Chikuni Radio last night played Green Mamba songs for two hours from 21:00 to 23:00 hours in honour of Mukonka.

Collen Mukonka

Mukonka 40 was one of the top music artist in Southern province from early 2000s when he founded Green Mamba Band until his death.

A family member has told Zambian Eye that Mukonka will be buried in his village saying the burial procession will begin at 10:00 hours.

And Chikuni Radio has given Mukonka a befitting remembrance by dedicating two hours Thursday night to play his songs. The two-hour programme presented by C Hang’andu brought flesh memories of the Southern province music legend.

Some of the songs played were produced as early as 2000. Listeners participated by sending phone messages during the programme.

Chikuni Radio has been instrumental in promoting cultural heritage in Southern Province by hosting annual music festival that has produced a number of musicians. The radio station has also been helping local artist to record their music.

“His type of music defined the restoration of cultural heritage in Southern Province having done so many great hits with home made musical instruments putting a flavor,” recalls Matongo Kanenga Maumbi who worked at Chikuni Radio at the time. “In my early years at Chikuni Radio, I engaged on a number of thematic songs for social change and he was always up to the task. The Music lives on. Busiku Bwanduuma, Lufwu Kubula Nsoni mpoona kasimpe Kufwa Nkoona.”


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