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Government increase minimum wage

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The Patriotic Front government has revised and increased the minimum wage for domestic, general and shop workers by over one hundred percent.
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda made the announcement in Lusaka on Wednesday at a media briefing.
He announced that a domestic worker will get a minimum of K522, 400 from K250, 000 while those working in shops will be paid K1, 132 from K419, 000. This amount covers housing, transport, basic salary and lunch allowance for shop workers under grade one category.
The highest shop worker will get K2, 300, 000 from K990, 000 per month. While a general worker in category one will now get K1million from K419, 000 per month.
The Minister has since directed all employers to enforce the minimum wage with effect from 4th July, 2012.  He warned that his ministry will intensify labour inspections country wide to enforce the reversed minimum wage.
Mr. Shamenda says the PF government is committed to putting more money in peoples’ pockets through descent pay.
The government has also amended the Statutory Instrument on minimum wages and conditions of employment for categorized workers.
After forming government in September 2011 the PF government announced that it was going to raise the minimum wage. Experts had however cautioned that the exercise should be carefully be handled as it could cause job looses or inflation.


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