GBM deserts Bembas – Chilufya Tayali

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GBM welcomes HH

Chilufya Tayali yesterday wrote the following in reaction to the wedding ceremony of GBM’s son marrying Ben Mwila’s daughter at a colourful event graced by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema:

In case you are a “nobody”, like me, have a feel of what was happening yesterday, at least in Pictures. I hope Chitimukulu also sees these pictures, because our Royal Paramount Chief of the Bemba Speaking people has been disowned by GBM.

I am not being tribal but, I think GBM is overdoing his politics and he is getting lost of who he really is.

I see nothing wrong in GBM being UPND but it is disheartening to see my elder brother turning his back to who he is, in a bid to impress HH.

Firstly, GBM had to fast track the building of his House in New Kasama, so that he can be near his political messiah – HH (he does not know that after Edgar Lungu it will be Chilufya Tayali – Touch and Go).

Next, he has abandoned his roots and royalty, which he is part of, to become a refugee of the Southern Province. I hear he even wants to change names to Geoffry Habwalya Hamwamba (GHH) just to fit in.

Again, I insist, there is nothing wrong associating with any any tribe or Chief in Zambia, but that should not call for a man to behave the way GBM is behaving. He is my brother, and respectfully, I want him to know, that, I don’t like his behavior.

I don’t know what is wrong with some of these Bemba brothers and sisters, he is behaving like Mwamba Kapema Peni who wants to be British yet she is a photocopy of Lenshima in appearance and behavior.

GBM claimed to have resigned from Sata’s Govt because his roots and allegiance to Chief Chitimukulu came first, but for HH, he has turned against who he is – what a shame Ba new “GHH”.

Anyway, GHH’s (former GBM) son Muma Mwamba married Late Ben Mwila’s daughter Chisanga Mwila in a Hollywood kind of wedding. It was a wedding of money, though GHH’s financial base is not as good as it used to be. He has even stopped giving me utuma K5,000 (no more Ilunda park transactions).

The political campaigns has left GHH leaping financially with a lot of debt. I know this because some of GHH’s debtors have been coming to me to expose him so that he can pay them faster, but that is too personal and he is still my brother, though he has deserted us. Besides, I am not a debt collector.

BaChikwanda was lucky to be on the list of invited guests, probably because of his “Big name” as former Finance Minister and his fortunes.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his Madam Mutinta were the guest of honor.

HH never ceases to do politics anywhere and everywhere, instead of counseling the newly wed about marriage, HH decided to lament and draw self-importance by talking about his incarceration.

HH went on to say, that, Muma was one of the frequent visitors when he was incarcerated, because he wanted him (HH) to come and be the guest of honor at his wedding.

“Truly to his word I was released on time and am today the Guest of Honour at his wedding, am also proud to say Muma brought Chisanga home and introduced her as his fiance, a great young lady , thanks to the Mwila family, ” said President Hichilema.

Other speakers included the GHH who is also the UPND Vice President. GHH told his son to emulate his forty years of marriage with his mother Chama, who the best woman I have ever known. I would not hesitate ukupyana (taking over) and give her the best of her life time. I believe GHH is what he is because of that woman.

The guest list included big names, like Chief Mukuni and Chief Habasonde, Former First lady Dr Kaseba , Former first lady Dr Maureen Mwanawasa, Finance Minister Hon Chikwanda, Former Vice President Dr Nevers Mumba, Hon Mucheleka, ADD President Charles Milupi, Peoples Party President Mike Mulongoti, Former Home Affairs Minister and diplomat Hon Venon Mwaanga, other former Diplomats, a number of UPND MPs and other big guys.

The wedding was held at GBM’s new residence in new Kasama and HH was too happy to welcome GHH and his family in their new luxurious neighbourhood, where only the rich can afford, but tomorrow they will be in our compounds asking for our votes.

Nonetheless, I wish the young man Muma and Chisenga all the best, I will definitely pray for them.


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