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FIFA stops funding Zambia

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FIFA has stopped funding Zambia until Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) pays former Coach Aljosa Asanovic $40,000 arrears and allowances owed to him in full.

FAZ lost an appeal against Asanovic at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and were directed to pay him $1.1 Million for wrongful dismissal.

According to Mumfumbwe Community Radio, FIFA ruled that Asanovic must be paid for the full contract after he was dismissed without proper cause and procedure.

At the time of his dismissal, Asanovic was claiming about $40, 000 in outstanding salary arrears and allowances.

FAZ, however, denied owing Asanovic claiming it was the coach who owed them in excess of $20, 000.

Asanovic proceeded to FIFA where he demanded that FAZ pay him for the remainder of the contract as they had forced him out of the job for creating a hostile environment.

FIFA ruled in Asanovic’s favour and awarded him $1.1 million as compensation for the full contract he was to serve.

Asanovic joined Zambia in February 2022 as coach but by September the same year, he was forced out of his job. Stubbornly, FAZ dismissed the FIFA ruling saying it was made by a single judge. But their appeal has hit a snag. CAS has sided with Asanovic and ordered that FAZ must pay him $1.1 million.


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