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FAZ terminates MAFRO deal

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The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has ended it’s relationship with MAFRO just four months after signing a two-year deal with the kit manufacturer.

And FAZ will drag MAFRO to court to seek damages for breach of contract.

FAZ communications manager Desmond Katongo says the country’s football governing body has chosen to terminate the deal signed in May this year due to alleged failure by the kit supplier to meet contractual obligations which has led to loss of business.

“Following the agreement between the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and kit supplier MAFRO signed in 2017, FAZ wishes to announce a review of the partnership,” Katongo said in a statement. “The contract between FAZ and MAFRO was based on the premise that either parties would meet their obligations to the other.

“Despite agreement for the provision of playing kit and replica jerseys, MAFRO has only partially fulfilled its obligation with regard to playing kit and similarly not been able to meet their delivery schedule for replica kits.

“MAFRO is therefore in breach of contract by their failure to meet these and several other conditions set out.”

Katongo revealed that the association has given MAFRO several opportunities to redress the situation to no avail.

He says FAZ has since begun discussions with other potential partners.

Katongo further stated that FAZ will take legal action against MAFRO.

“This decision by FAZ to discontinue the partnership with MAFRO will be followed by a claim for loss of business due to MAFRO’s inability to adhere to the contract and FAZ will be seeking legal redress.”


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