ECZ responds to public outcry

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The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says it has started deploying additional staff and registration kits to all registration centres which have recorded high numbers of people so that the voter registration exercise can be expedited efficiently and expeditiously.

This follows public outcry over the slow pace at which the process is being carried out and the Commission has assured the public that it has noted the people’s concerns and taken measures to solve the highlighted problems.

The Commission said it has taken necessary measures to improve the registration process.

Read full statement below:

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) would like to assure all stakeholders and thegeneral public that it has taken into account the concerns raised on the ongoing voter registration exercise which was launched on Monday 9th November 2020.

The issues are as follows;

Duration for Registration

The Commission has started deploying additional staff and registration kits to all registration centres which have recorded high numbers of people so that the voter registration exercise can be expedited efficiently and expeditiously.

Pre-registered voters

In order to ensure that those who pre-registered online spend less time at the Registration Centres, the Commission will be publishing designated Registration Centres specifically for those who pre-registered online.

However, all Registration Centres will still be able to cater for those who pre-registered online and those who will be commencing their registration at the physical registration centres. In the case where a Registration Centre is catering for both pre-registered and those that are not pre-registered online our Registration Officers have been directed to ensure that they maintain two lines for the two categories of applicants.

Persons with Disabilities, Expectant Mothers and the Elderly

It is the practice of the Commission that Persons with disabilities, the elderly and expectant mothers are given priority during elections and in all the electoral services. Therefore, the Commission is appealing to all field officers to ensure that persons with Disabilities, Expectant Mothers and the Elderly are assisted and taken in front of the queues.

Voter Registration Phases

The Commission is undertaking the voter registration exercise in four (4) phases.

Each phase is running for a period of at least 7 days after which the Registration Officers move to the next phase. Therefore, not all Registration Centres may be open in each phase. However, the Commission has ensured that there are other open Registration Centres within the catchment area and all eligible voters will have access to the registration centres for the entire registration period.

Registration Centres that may not be open in the current phase one (1) will open in subsequent phases.
The Commission would like to inform all stakeholders and the general public that all eligible Zambians who wish to register as voters can register from any registration centre and choose their polling station.

· How to find an open Registration Centre

The Commission has stepped up publicity and dissemination of information on various media platforms on registration centres that are open in each phase.

Stakeholders and the general public can get this information on the Voter
Registration deployment schedules on the following platforms;

  • On
  • ussd code *214# on Zamtel
  • Newspapers
  • Local Radio Station/s
  • Facebook: Electoral Commission of Zambia
  • Mobile Public Address Announcements
  • Posters stuck in public places
  • Or Call the following numbers
    0211433725/ up to 49
    · Volunteers for Voter Registration Operations
    It has come to the attention of the Commission that some members of the
    public are offering to work as volunteers in the Registration centres. The
    Commission would like to appeal to all stakeholders and members of the
    public to refrain from interfering in electoral operations. The Commission has already engaged additional staff to assist in the operations at registration centres that require supplementary numbers of staff. Therefore, all

Registration Officers and Police Officers manning the Registration Centres
are being directed not to allow any person who is not employed by the
Commission to be involved in any work of registering people at the
Registration Centres.

· Double or Multiple Registrations

The Commission wishes to warn unscrupulous people that are intentionally
taking advantage of the situation to register more than once. The
Commission has put in place a mechanism to detect double or multiple
registrations and anybody who is found out will be liable for prosecution. As such, members of the public are urged to refrain from such acts.

· Covid -19 Guidelines

The Commission would like to appeal to the general public to observe the
Ministry of Health Guidelines on Covid -19 so as not to contribute to the
numbers of cases of Covid-19. All eligible Zambians must therefore observe
social distancing, mask up, wash their hands regularly or sanitise as they visit registration centres.

Finally, the Commission would like to thank all eligible Zambians who have taken time off their busy schedules to visit our static and mobile registration centres to register as voters. Eligible Zambians must not be discouraged to register, as the Commission is doing everything possible to address their concerns.

The Commission would also like to commend all the citizens, who have registered and are encouraging more people to register as voters.

For further clarifications, please contact the Public Relations Department on 0211 252208 or the District Electoral Officers in the respective districts.

Sylvia Bwalya
Acting Public Relations Manager
For/The Commission


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