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Delta energy and Nerias investments commit to fight Cholera

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Delta Energy Zambia Limited and Nerias Investments Limited are Zambian companies. Whilst our primary concern is to ensure that we play our part in Zambia’s business development agenda, we are not lost to the equally important role of participating in Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, especially at a time such as this, when we have seen an unprecedented outbreak of cholera affecting many communities across the country.

We recognise that the costs borne by the health care system to manage an epidemic like cholera is high. Not only does this impact negatively on Government, but on business, communities and families. We therefore, believe that the Ministry of Health must continue to be supported by both the public and private sector, cooperating partners and leaders from the communities and members of the public to protect life for each and every person living in this country. By pooling our material and financial resources together, we can put in place measures that will treat those infected and reduce the risk of the spread of cholera .

Allow me to outline some of the work by the Ministry of Health and its donors that we have noted is instrumental in the fight against cholera

Setting up of the Heroes Stadium Cholera Treatment Centre in less than 24 hours

Setting up fully equipped and fully staffed cholera treatments centres across the country

-The provision of ambulance services

-Clearing of drainages and garbage

-Extensive cleaning up of select areas in the city;

-Provision of safe drinking water throughout the affected areas

-Burying of shallow wells

-Developing awareness creation programmes for the public

We further recognise that the provision of these works need to be sustained over an indefinite period of time. The contribution from Delta Energy and Nerias Investments will therefore work to enhance and support the continuation of these medical services to the people. It remains paramount for us to work with the Government of the Republic of Zambia in ensuring that the interventions thus far remain successful and sustainable and that through our support the burden of the provision of these important services is reduced.

To this effect Delta Energy Zambia Limited and Nerias Investments Limited are making a donation of medical equipment and supplies to a total of Two Million Kwacha to be used for the set up of the Cholera Treatment Centre at Heroes Stadium. The items to be purchased include:

-Emergency hospital trolleys
-BP machines
-sanction machines
-blood gas analyser among other things.

Cholera is treatable and we are hopeful that our over 2000 infected brothers and sisters will be restored to good health.

For both Delta Energy Zambia and Nerias Investments, our work is more than just business and our Board, Management and staff will continue to support both the Government and the People of Zambia in guaranteeing that Zambia wins the fight against cholera.

Statement by Martin Chaikatisha General Manager – Nerias Investments

Bertha Kalongelwa Corporate Affairs Manager – Delta Energy<


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