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Is the conscience of the 94 illegal ministers functioning?

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It now over five months since the ConCourt ruled that 94 former ministers illegally occupied office after parliament was dissolved and the court ordered them to pay back but to date non of these former ministers has paid back. Others have stubbornly said they won’t pay back and today they want to be very clean yet their hands are full of stolen money which they obtained illegally when they occupied office illegally. Anyway we can’t be surprised with them because they are still been haunted by the PF TRIBAL DEMON till they can be delivered from it.

Am still wondering whether the consciousness of these 94 formers ministers is still functioning or not?Or there is something wrong with their heads? I believe that if their consciousness was still functioning they could have quickly paid back.I found this behave very strange and that is why now am questioning their consciousness and integrity.Or do we need to take them for prayers or there is something more than their consciousness that needs chainama attention?

Therefore, I would like to appeal to the 94 former minister to seriously search their consciousness . I believe once this is done their consciousness will be awaken and desire to pay back. But failure to do that we conclude that there is something seriously wrong with their consciousness.

Humphrey kabwe
Chingola Resident


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