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Brian Mwale leaves ZNBC

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Good morning dear ZNBC workmates, the past 11 years plus have been an awesome experience working at the public Broadcaster. Its been a childhood dream come true.

I am grateful to management for having had the faith in me to serve from Reporter through to Assistant Assignments Editor for TV1 which is a position that comes with lots of pressure but with your help we managed.

Memories have been sweet, exploring the world for reporting and training during which I have established a global network of media people.

Through ZNBC I managed to upgrade my academic credentials from Diploma to Degree and soon to finish my MBA. I remain indebted to my immediate supervisor Mwila Nsofu for having been flexible for me to pursue my studies through ma local leave or some arrangement for exams.

Apologies to those I may have hurt, obviously unintentional because I’m one of the sweetest and gentle souls that you will ever come across. (It’s not bragging if you can back up. Lol, thats on a lighter note.)

Most likely hurtful things could have emanated from my insatiable appetite of not massaging the truth and saying things as they are. That’s just a trait I live by and I guess won’t change.

I am leaving ZNBC for other ventures. I am sure that most of you know that I resigned early this month and proceeded on leave.

With a reputation and brand that most of us who go on TV at ZNBC have made, it’s obviously difficult to keep word of joining another firm under wraps because employees in those organizations also get excited that we are joining them hence word spreads faster than wild fire. It’s no secret that the name *Brian Mwale* is a strong national brand supported by works and experience.

For the avoidance of doubt, some of you may know that my resignation was necessitated by a job offer as Corporate Affairs Manager at ZEMA whose contract was signed last year and was set to report on Feb 1.

However, in a dramatic turn of events my contract was


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