Bowman and Antonio’s combined credentials can’t match mine – Saboi

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Saboi Imboela

Bowman and Antonio’s combined credentials can’t match mine, Saboi Imboela has charged.

Lusambo in the Hot FM Studio

Commenting on Bowman

Antonio Mwanza

Lusambo and Antonio Mwanza’s remarks demeaning cattle ranchers and musicians, Miss Imboela says as a musician she is more qualified academically than the two PF gentlemen combined.

Lusambo is Lusaka province Minister while Mwanza is a PF Deputy Media director.

Here is a full comment by Ms Imboela who has a Masters in Political Science and is vying for the Lusaka Mayoral seat:

Zambian artists u have heard for yourselves what Bowman, Antonio and the entire PF think of u.

In trying to attack us, they have revealed their real feelings over the artists and industry- and can u wonder why things don’t improve in the industry???

The same people that make them win elections with their beautiful talents and songs are now being insulted.

I won’t even say a word over their utterances, this affects u all and the entire industry.

Bowman and Antonio’s combined credentials can’t match mine but they have the guts to insult the industry when they actually have cadre backgrounds and have made a living out of bootlicking and mudslinging others.

Artists make money out of their hard work, talent and love for the industry despite a hostile working environment created by the same politicians who don’t understand how the creative industry works and just what money it can make if we had the right thinking leaders in place- and not these carders.

They don’t even deserve a response from me becoz clearly we are dealing with questionable thinking levels here. U wonder how a cadre became more important in the PF hierarchy as compared to other professions, art inclusive, to the point of openly insulting other professions. Ala kwena u are a party and a half. Via Dununa Regret….


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  1. Good for you Saboi laying it out in a manner the cadre mentality of both Bowman and Antonio will not grasp! Indeed a low level cadre thinks like a grasshopper living for the moment without the wisdom of the ant! Where artistes, farmers, laborers and, other non mainstream professions professions are recognized and not disparagingly downgraded as in Zambia, we note well performing economies! Take for instance the film making industry and performing arts with huge earnings! The same Bowman was all over himself when the diminutive Nollywood actors visited Zambia! Antonio and Bowman may have stacks of Zairean and other musicians’ collection on their shelves! Of course hard work is not what led Bowman and Antonio to be where they are and if only Zambians were of analytical mind with longer memories the nation would change for better as the country would rid itself of cadres in management of the nation!

    July 6, 2018 at 10:33 pm

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