Bail out Zampost! – demands NDC

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Kambwili raises the NDC symbol on his right is party Secretary General Mwenya Musenge

The National Democratic Congress NDC is sadned that workers at the state owned enterprise Zampost have gone for five months without pay.

The NDC is further concerned that Zampost management has not been remitting statutory obligations for its employees to NAPSA and other statutory agencies.

Worst still, Zampost management has failed to pay retirees their outstanding dues.

In this regard, the NDC is urging Government to consider bailing out the postal service firm.

The advent of information technologies has affected the operations of most postal agencies worldwide.

We implore the Zampost board to come up with a viable survival plan to ensure the smooth running of the company.

The Zampost board should work closely with the Industrial Development Corporation IDC in discussing and formulating such a survival strategy for the firm.

We sympathize with the plight of Zampost employees who are going through extremely trying times.

The problems at Zampost are severe.

Our position is that the firm be restructured at top management level.

We further implore Government to consider undertaking a detailed financial forensic audit at Zampost.

We equally demand that Government undertakes a probe into the alleged disappearance of monies disbursed to the firm in 2014 to pay retirees.

In discussing the operations of state owned firms, we are also concerned with the plight of workers at the Times of Zambia and National Housing Authority NHA.

Workers at the two firms have gone for months without salaries.

This is unfair and unfortunate.

Government should consider bringing private players on board to partner with the two firms.

The problems at the two institutions are seemingly as a result of Gross Mismanagement and bad institutional administration.

It is our considered view that Government considers dissolving the management boards at the two firms.

Times of Zambia and NHA can operate as viable entities under the right management.

Issued by: Misheck Moyo. Acting spokesperson NDC.


One Response to Bail out Zampost! – demands NDC

  1. How are other postal corporations in other countries surviving? How many times has the govt injected funds into this business? The problems at Zampost are more than injecting funds in.

    Innovation is the answer to technology changes.

    Prudence will call that only companies with free cashflows should start expanding through creation of subsidiaries. How subsidiary companies has zampost got? Surprising in this country, it should be one of the companies with more subsidiaries despite having no free cashflows.

    Creating accounting is at the top of this company. How did it manage to declare dividends to the govt when it was failing to pay creditors and workers.

    The senior staff turnover at the company is the highest in the country and unfortunately it does not bother the management and board. The management and board have always been practicing the ” Too big to fail” theory when clear signs were being shown to them.

    The management has been practcing empire building through creations of subsidiaries with no cost benefit analysis being done. This has all been to enable family friends, relatives and other inner circles take critical positions in such companies where they have not been adding any value.

    The company likes diverting its partners funds into its operations and many more other evil acts and hence the situation it has found itself in.

    Management in this organisation are Mr Knows it all and do not have time to listen to junior staff ideas/ challenges.

    The result is hence what is there now as you cant plant oranges and expect to harvest apples.

    December 17, 2018 at 3:48 pm

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