April fools day part 10

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Joseph Chibwe

Joseph Chibwe

  • So after returning back from the run one by one, the Church Members apologized to me, we hugged and after praying for me, I then got into the Police Van and the vehicle spade off straight to deliver me ku bondi under police Escort!

Within an hour the Police vehicle landed pa bond and I jumbing out with smiles written all over my body! The 8 police men remained inside the Van and just waved bye-bye to me saying ati, “Ok Mr Joe take care and enjoy the money!”

Now before the Police could reverse the Car and drove back, I followed them and pleaded njebele;- “Bwana, at least let’s go inside you greet my wife kaili yow know we are a big family now!”

The police agreed and so they trailed behind me as I lead them into our yard!

I then stood in forefront by the Door with the police men standing few meters away from the Door and started knocking!

Bakamba ine mu door “Nkohh” “nkohh” “nkhohh…

Bana Joe opened the Door but seeing me standing without seeing the Police men, she grab my shirt and dragged me inside!

Before I could tell her ati, “hallo tekanya ndinaba Police panse, Bana Joe placed me against the wall, stretched her both hand and Suffocated my neck as she bursted out ati, “Iwe kolwe how many times have I warned you never to sleep outside especially these days when people are been killed in the night?”

Bakamba I failed to produce a word since my neck was in a fix but just pointed to the Door to give signal ati there are people outside!”

Seeing my hand pointing to the Door, my wife then withdrew her hands from my neck and went to check what was outside?

Bakamba the moment she peeped outside, she slowly slowly reversed her tootsteps inside surrendering both hands up in the sky while crying ati“

“Mwabona Bashi Joe…”
“What have you done kanshi…”
“Eyeee ine lelo mwandetelela…”

At that moment the Police intered inside the house and asked ati,“Is everything okay in here?”

While coughing and still Struggling to recover from that neck suffocation, I quickly respondend njebele, “Akuna matata bwana all is well and please sit down and feel free!”

As the Police men made themselves comfortable on our old and outdated chairs pa sit, I now reached into my pocket, retrieved a K50,000.00 worth of Cheque and handled it to my wife njebele; “

“Bana Joe, uhn, hold this and let me tell you what happened…”

Upon seeing the Cheque, Bana Joe dropped it down and screamed ati,

“No no no sinaliko kwamene munapangila mulandu so don’t give me this CALL OUT!”

Bakamba I rose up njebele, “Woman don’t be sichiopet I can divorce you bloody basket… can’t you use your common oblangata and see that this is not a Call Out but a CHEQUE of 50,000 Zimpopo?”

The police intervened by cooling me down, explained the all story to my wife and then left Bashi Joe and Bana Joe in endless celebrations over the Cheque!”

The END!

(Look out for another Controversial Drammer Soon)


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