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An individual having $24 million in a small economy

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Laura Miti

Laura Miti writes:

How an individual, in a small economy like Zambia’s, can have 24 million USD that he criminally acquired, to give back to the state so that he stays out of jail, just fries the mind.

Without question, that amount is not all he took. Chances are, a good stash is offshore right now.

To think that this is one person only! He was not the President nor Vice President. He was simply the President’s lackey.

Just how much was then taken out of our economy by the whole PF regime?

Bigger question – what was the plan? To turn us into Haiti? Some runaway gangland? Point is, sooner or later, money to line pockets from top to bottom was going to run out, but the appetite for astronomical wealth would have remained. Then dog eat dog would have hit.

24 million USD! The number of indigent Zambians that kind of money could place on social cash transfer, the amount of the forever in-short-supply cancer drugs purchase – simply the lives save

Milingo Lungu, do you feel any shame? What about you President Lungu??


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