A reflection on KK as he turns 95

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By Henry Kabwe

Kenneth Kaunda

A passionate, patriotic and loving African leader. Dr. Kaunda was ‘feared’ or awesomely respected in the US, Asia and the rest of the world. It was inspiring to see him read a speech at the White House and declare his stance without compromising before ‘donors’. KK, as he was fondly known, showed signs of genuine love for Zambia, Africa and global humanity. He allowed Frederick Chiluba to campaign using ZNBC radio and TV, and feature on programmes with political honesty, normalcy and fairness – people must decide. To him, politics was not a business platform for personal aggrandizement. After removal from power, he went through a lot. His former ministers with nothing to show as loot for their being in power. He fought corruption sincerely and allowed the law to take its course when a minister or son was being prosecuted. Southern Africa liberation was Kaunda’s responsibility. On media issues again, stories of his ministers attacking a reporter from a government run media house were rife. The Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and ZNBC were critical of his government when he was in power. Kaunda allowed Charles Mando and Gorreti Mapulanga to strive with stinging questions against himself and his comrades. Kapelwa Musonda on Tuesday, a critical column in the Times lived on (by the way, KK appointed the editors-in-chief). When business people took over as KK had warned, they had to control the media because constructive criticism would threaten their hold. The crying KK was not shy to express his emotions. He resigned when he differed with fellow United National Independence Party (#UNIP) stalwarts. Presidents of US, Russia and Africa praised him. Legendary and uncompressed Congolese musician#Franco did a song dedicated to him. When KK had a press conference, even dogs knew that something was brewing in the nation. At 95, I wish KK a great birthday.

Dr Kenneth Kaunda

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