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4 Digital Ways to Engage With Customers

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When you run a business, selling products is not enough to stand out from the competition. You need to communicate with customers, find out their likes and dislikes. This way you can act on their feedback to earn their support and loyalty.

There are many easy ways to talk to customers online. Here are four methods to try out. All you need beyond that is a friendly, professional attitude to make the people you communicate with feel comfortable and welcome.

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1. Email

This is a simple way to get messages across, whether a customer approaches you or vice versa. Keep in mind that, unless it is about something important, you need permission from your online visitors before you reach out to them first.

Once they subscribe, you can send newsletters containing interesting features, as well as your contact details. Look for ideas from what other brands offer.

The Good Trade, for example, delivers a small dose of its healthy insights for a happy lifestyle. At the bottom of the daily newsletter are links so subscribers can share the email, get in touch with the business, and more.

2. Live Chat

Thanks to digital technology, live chat is faster and easier than emails. However, exchanging quick messages like this can confuse a conversation, so make sure you talk clearly and take the time to understand what the person on the other end is saying.

With care, this method can accomplish much, from answering questions to providing an actual service. As an example, this is how a psychic chat is possible. Since The Circle’s professionals mainly use intuition for their readings, just talking to a customer is enough, even online, and anonymously.

This kind of chat can also happen on any device, not just a computer. Anyone with a smartphone can have a good conversation with a business, assuming the latter offers the option on its website or app.

3. Social Media

Even more impressive than live chatting, social networks take customer service to another level. Setting up profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook will boost your brand’s visibility, but it also adds to your responsibilities.

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According to HubSpot’s social media statistics for 2020, 60% of customers with a complaint expect a response within an hour of posting their comment. And not responding at all can seriously damage your reputation.

On the bright side, it is 83% cheaper to solve a customer’s problem over social media than the phone. There may be a lot to prepare for when creating a page or group on a network, but using it well comes with big benefits.

4. Live Streaming

The new age of customer service includes the wonders of live streaming. Many companies around the world are making ingenious use of the technology to bring them and their customers closer.

A cooking community like Bon Appetit is a perfect example. During its Test Kitchen Variety Show, its crew of chefs performed challenges and talked to viewers through videoconferencing. A source of flavors, laughs, and inspiration.

Your business can do similar or more unique broadcasts. Whatever you choose, make sure you engage people in positive ways and reflect what your brand is about. Also, include calls-to-action so customers know how to explore your services further.

Use as many of these methods as possible to fully connect with your customers. Each technology involves a different system, but spend enough time with them and you will see how straightforward they really are. Above all, they are invaluable to your brand’s success.


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