3 State Witnesses speak for Lusambo

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…as they tell Court that no money went into Lusambo, Nancy account

By Court Reporter

FIRST National Bank (FNB), Ndola Branch manager Chanda Banda has testified in the Lusaka Magistrates Court that the bank account where the K880 000 was deposited to does not belong to former Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo or his wife Nancy.

This is in a matter where the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) have dragged the former PF Kabushi Constituency Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo and his wife to Court for being in possession of property suspected to be proceed of crimes.

During cross examinations, Chanda Banda told magistrate Faides Hamaundu that there were no documents in the transaction before Court in Lusambo’s name and that of his wife Nancy.

He said the money in question was deposited into a Sylvia Mutale’s bank account and not Lusambo or Nancy’s.

Chanda Banda also told Court that it was not illegal for anybody to deposit such amount of money in the bank account, adding that he did not know the offences Lusambo and his wife were facing before the courts of law.

When asked whether he authored the bank deposit slip, Chanda Banda denied having authored but because of his position at the Bank, he commissioned the cash deposit slip in question.

Chanda Banda also said that the cash deposit slip in question did not have the narration or description on it stating that Lusambo was the beneficiary of the transaction, making it difficult to tell whether the money was for Lusambo or his wife Nancy.

Another witness, owner of Zam Imports Gimesh Sony who is alleged to have released the K880 000 for the purchase of the land from Lusambo, stated that he did not have any documented evidence indicating that the money in question was deposited into Lusambo or his wife’s bank account.

Sony 48, of Ndola, when asked by lawyers on whether he had audio, video, written document or even an offer letter done by Lusambo over the property in question, he said he did not have any evidence directed at Lusambo or Nancy apart from the cash deposit slip which was not even in the accused’s name.

He also said that there was no evidence suggesting that Lusambo was a beneficiary from the transaction.

Godfrey Chomba, 37, of Minsundu in Ndola, an accountant at Zam Import Limited testified before court during cross examination that the name that was appearing on the deposit slip was not for Lusambo or Nancy but Sylvia Mutale.

He said the payment was made in that account of Sylvia Mutale for a purchase of land.

During cross examination, Chomba informed court that his boss only informed him that the K880 000 was supposed to be paid to Lusambo, the money which he latter deposited in Mutale’s account and not Lusambos’.

He said according to the cash deposit slip made available before court, Lusambo was not a beneficiary or owner of the said account.

Chomba further, stated before court that the account number was given to him by his boss Sony, adding that on the narration details, did not indicate Lusambo, or even the name of his boss where the money was coming from.

Earlier, Magistrate Hamaundu allowed the State to submit secondary evidence (duplicate) after Lusambo’s lawyers objected to the presentation of bank cash deposit which was not original as exhibit.

The matter has been adjourned to 25th October, 2022 for continuation of trial – PF Media.


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