ZRA Boss Chanda must be fired for corruption and nepotism – UPND

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The opposition UPND has demanded that ZRA Boss Kingsley Chanda steps down from his position following a leaked recorded phone-call between him and a PF Cadre.

Kingsley Chanda

In the recorded phone-call conversation where the PF Cadre is seeking help in a case where his colleague has been caught smuggling in undisclosed goods, Chanda confesses that he is a member of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Commenting on the leaked audio, the leading opposition party, UPND has demanded that Chanda steps down;


We have listened to the phone conversation between the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda and a PF official Chanda Nyela.

The whole chilling conversation smells the ugly stench of tribalism, nepotism and deep rooted corruption which is the hallmark of what PF is known for.

With such conversations going round in corridors of the PF government offices, it once more confirms the deep rooted corruption, tax evasion and grand theft as revealed by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) reports, and the numerous Auditor General’s reports.

In a normal country,
Mr. Kingsley Chanda would by now be packing and be dismissed for condoning a conversation that encourages tax evasion and nepotism in such a sensitive and strategic government office.

How can the whole lot of the Commissioner General Mr. Chanda have so much hatred against fellow citizens for merely exercising their democratic right of belonging the UPND yet they are also paying taxes, though it’s being looted by PF criminals?

We have insisted that there is wide spread segregation of citizens in this country by the PF regime on mere suspicion of belonging to the UPND when it comes to accessing government services and opportunities in many sectors of our economy.

We as UPND reject such classifications and divisions of our citizens and look forward to reuniting the broken Zambian family into one entity once again.

We reiterate that every citizen deserves equal opportunities regardless of their political affiliations as we are in a democracy with divergent views.

Of course we do not expect law enforcement agencies to move in on Mr. Chanda and ZRA as the PF regime has completely destroyed all the government institutions with their stinking corruption and needs a complete overhaul under the new leadership of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.

Issued by:
Patrick Mucheleka
UPND Deputy Secretary General for Politics


One Response to ZRA Boss Chanda must be fired for corruption and nepotism – UPND

  1. This story holds no water. There was no moment that CG accepted the corruption route which was being suggested by the gentleman. He was responding to a Friend and telling him in summary: There are 10 people who are accused, do you want me to select this particular guy because he is Bemba who comes from Chinsali and also a PF Carder because I belong to PF? Even the writer is very dull here, when UPND will make Government if at all they will, will they appoint only technocrats who are not their sympathizers? This is pure pretense and not honest politics. Even the guy that did this to an innocent person shall end up in bigger mess. The mere fact that your guy was involved in corruption does not mean you have to put his boss on the spot for not helping him in the scam. I am worried because us Citizens are fed with such pathetic propaganda. After what I have read today, I doubt I will believe any UPND propaganda. CG continue to work hard, just avoid calls that people are abusing by maligning others. The gentleman needs to be jailed for intercepting a call without the other person knowing. The call was made in confidence and the respondant was responding in a mature way to help the NYELE to understand that it is beyond him because it is corruption. Because CG did not accept, the NYELE decides to send the recording. On this one NYELE you missed. We Zambians can read between lines and know why UPND jumped on the recording without analysing properly is desperation to paint the innocent person with SINS. Is this the unity UPND is talking about? UPND you need to love all people do not rush to paint an innocent person with your own paint before getting to the ground. I doubt if they even gave him an opportunity to say something. Mucheleka, I thought was a reasonable guy but mawe ndausa. Ba UPND mumwambile NYEELE kuti ayandaule iimbi nzila to bring down the innocent man. Ndausa kapati nobantu bamwami. ZRA has been transformed and the collections are above board. Discipline has improved. Ino muyanda nzi?

    June 5, 2019 at 10:06 pm

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