ZP not adequately responding to needs of people in communities – Silavve

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Golden Party Zambia (GPZ) President Jackson Silavve says the Zambia Police (ZP) is not adequately responding to the needs of people in the communities hence the rise in crime levels throughout the country.

” To the Zambia police command and government, we repeat our call for police reforms in the service immediately,” he said.

Silavve says why should the country have police officers who spend the whole day at traffic lights helping robots instead of preventing and solving crime in the communities.

However, he condemns the action by the community in Katete district.

“I wish to condemn in the strongest terms possible the violent attack on the Zambia police officers by some members of the community in Katate district, Eastern Province.

“The violence that was meted on the law enforcers is extremely regrettable and the culprits must be arrested and prosecuted swiftly,” Silavve said.

He says the police command must take this unfortunate attack as a sign of diminishing peoples confidence in the service and urgently reset it’s priorities in as far as policing the county is concerned .

On Saturday, some police officers in Katete district were injured by villagers after attempting to rescue an instant mob justice victim at Kagoro area.

Zambian Eye, 21st November 2022


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