Zindaba Solo raid: The money trail

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Zindaba Soko

By Ephraim Shakafuswa

The DEC search at Zindaba Soko’s house kept me awake because i knew i could put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Am reminded about how i was played by a “brother” , to the extent of using my proposed topology to supply an integrated ballistic identification system to the Zambia Police Service. My proposal with recommendation from PS, Dr. Chileshe’s disappeared in thin air at Zambia Police HQ. This is a case for the DEC for another day provided FIC can pick the money trail .


Similarly, around 2010, TURNKEY Solutions (Z) Limited submitted an unsolicited proposal to the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) for the introduction of an electronic system on Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) framework.

The Attorney General invited them to demonstrate the concept of the proposal to relevant stakeholders and on the strength of that invitation, they brought into the country (at own cost) an expert team of engineers/technicians from Sensys Sweden.

On 8th June 2011, Turnkey Solutions received a letter from the Attorney General confirming the acceptance and approval of its unsolicited proposal by the council of ministers.

Things changed in 2015, RTSA went to bed with another company and started implementing an electronic system to manage our roads.

In September of 2017, RTSA entered into a concession with Intelligent Mobility Solutions limited (a consortium of Kapsch International Austria and Lamise Trading) without cancelling the procurement process with Turnkey Solutions (Z) Limited.


Am happy to note that the same FIC Trend report once rubbished by the DEC Commissioner is now a basis for the search at Zindaba Soko’s house.

Case Study 2. Corruption and Money Laundering

Mr. S, a foreign national resident in Zambia received USD 3 million on his personal
account from a European company AS. Upon receipt of the funds, Mr. S withdrew
ZMW 5 million in cash and then transferred USD 400,000 to his country of origin. He further transferred USD600, 000.00 to a local company CH, where he is a shareholder.
Company CH is a Zambian company that was awarded a contract to provide public
services. The shareholders are company B based in Zambia, company AS based in
Europe and Mr. S, a foreign national resident in Zambia. Company CH was awarded a contract despite being in operation for only three (3) months. This is contrary to
Public Procurement Act number 12 of 2008.

Mr. S’s personal accounts further showed substantial inward transfers between 2016
and 2018 from company CH which were followed by transfers totaling USD 3.5 million to various individuals, including public officials. Mr. S further received USD 5 million from company CH.

CH’s bank account revealed that there are two signatories, Mr. S and Mr. M, a partner
at an audit firm. It was observed that there were monthly transfers from CH account to
the account of the audit firm with the reference stating that the funds were meant for

The movement of funds among the procuring entity, Company CH and Company AS raised a red flag.

The funds transferred to public officials in strategic institutions by Mr. S had no economic
rationale. The funds were used to purchase property by the public officials. Further,
huge cash withdrawals were made by Mr. S for suspected third party beneficiaries.

The matter was disseminated to competent authorties for suspected money
laundering and corruption

The money trail below shows two PEPs. Is the second PEP a Minister? Kaya


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  1. The matrix of plunder! This requires serious investigative brains to unravel.

    June 28, 2019 at 11:47 am

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