Zesco cashcow PF campaign for 2021 General Election revelation worth investigations

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Reading through the article and excerpts extracted from Mbita Chitala’ s new book release in Mast and other media outlets, I wonder why members from PF, claimants of being targeted against in the new wave on the fight against corruption under the new dawn government, can keep quiet in and gloss over a serious matter being raised here by Dr Mbita Chitala in his new book on Zesco asset stripping.

Going by the repots from various media outlets, there was serious scheme anchored on abuse of state asset, resources, money and corruption.

Dr Mbita Chitala raises and cites the issue of PF trying to use Zesco to fundraise for its campaigns for 2021 General Election as reasons to part ways after he refused to succumb to their machinations.

Since IDC Board had some clergy men, we must also know what role they played in this pending asset stripping of Zesco and political shenanigans.

From the tone of Dr Mbita Chitala’s book, it may be clear that all companies under IDC may have subjected to the same treatment of pressured to raise funds for the PF campaigns no wonder the plush campaigns we saw.

Hence, there is need to extend the investigations to all companies that fall under the IDC and all Board of directors and management e.g. National Airline Corporation (NAC), Zamtel, among other companies.

This is extremely sad for a company called IDC under the chairpersonship of the republican President failure to safeguard public interest instead opt for partisan political interests. The intentions were evil and the devil in detail must be exposed.

Investigations are in order find out and see how the DID Board and management’s intentions to strip company’s and fundraise for the PF campaigns for the 2021 General Election using Zesco and other state companies were actualized

Zambians must know and have got to know how their leaders wanted to strip state companies for political benefits reason.

All those involved must be summoned, investigated, arrested stand trial for their unpatriotic conduct and behaviour.

I submit

McDonald Chipenzi


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