ZCID, sit down or crawl back to your cave

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HH with Lungu

On the mediation of the dialogue between political parties, it’s laughable what PF, ZCID and YALI are putting across as to justification for ZCID to lead the mediation process. The arguments are weak, hypocritical and mere noise making. ZCID simply has no capacity, it has failed on many incidents that required their intervention, how come now they think they can match the prowess of the skilled, experienced and legendary international institution to which Zambia is a member.

1. Where was ZCID when HH was jailed and tension was heightened in the country? They were under their rock perhaps.

2. From the time of heightened tension in the country, ZCID have failed to have audience with ECL despite him preferring them, yet they claim to have capacity.

3. Commonwealth is more qualified to prioritise national interest above political interest since it does not consist of politicians.

4. Commonwealth has the influence and capacity to demand that terms of the dialogue resolution be respected, which ZCID doesn’t have, especially that they have even failed to have an appointment with the Lungu for months.

5. The Commonwealth has experience in handling conflict and dispute at a global level, ZCID should just be allowed to sit in and take notes.

6. Right now Lungu and PF officials are desperate for ZCID to mediate, this desperation can only make any neutral person suspicious of the real interest of PF. It’s like PF whats ZCID more than ZCID is willing to.

7. ZCID is made up of politicians, and politicians are known to be fluid when it comes to switching parties or position. There is no way a mediator who is made up of politicians will be neutral, that is pure hogwash.

8. Zambians are interested in a neutral mediator more than an indigenous one. To discredit the commonwealth based on fake pan-Africanism is a show of desperation by PF. Zambia is a member of the commonwealth with equal rights like any other member. It is not by any means like a foreign country imposing its principles on us, it’s us upholding the values will agreed to as members of the Commonwealth.

9. PF have switched position after originally agreeing to dialogue when Lungu talked to S.G. Scotland, one can only suspect that they either want to delay the process or influence the agenda, and ZCID will be an easy stooge to control.

10. The ignorant Jean Kapata is suggesting that the Commonwealth goes to places with war and not Zambia, but little does she know that in the current times, a lot of conflict has been prevented using such diplomatic intervention. That’s the modern way of doing things.

11. The language of let Africa solve its own problems is only used by scared little men with power. Anywhere in the world tension or conflict cannot escape the attention of the international community. This is the world we leave in.

12. If Zambia should solve its own problem, why then is our budget 30% funded by foreign donors? Why does Lungu fly to South Africa for a medical check-up?

The Commonwealth which these under-schooled PF officials are busy discrediting has had little conflict compared to other international clubs. So these political diaper graduates in PF and ZCID should show some respect other that exposing poor judgement to the public. If ZCID is interested in dialogue, the moral thing to do is pull out “on grounds that the situation has become too toxic for them to guarantee the trust of the public”. ZCID feel free to plagiarise this diplomatic line.

Richard W


3 Responses to ZCID, sit down or crawl back to your cave

  1. Who is desperate for dialogue between PF and upnd?

    April 9, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    • It is PF who is very desparate for dialogue with hope to legitimize their 2016 Presidential Victory.

      Bob Mpombo
      July 19, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    • it’s not PF nor upnd but the meaningful Zambians

      chummy chuks
      January 18, 2019 at 7:00 pm

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