ZANACO hoax has arrived at State House

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By McDonald Chipenzi

While glued to Hot FM listening to its main news @ 6:30, I heard that Presidential press aide currently in New York, USA, Amos Chanda has confirmed that “Social Cash Transfer money alleged to have been misused is safely lying in the Zanaco account and also confirmed that UK has demanded a refund”.

This is the same mouth and hand which, not too long ago, confirmed that State House received reports of misappropriation of Social Cash transfer money four months ago when donors confirmed suspension of SCT funds due to corruption, abuse and embezzlement.

This is the same mouth and hand which announced the firing of Kabanshi, McPherson Chanda and 8 other directors over and issued statements respectively indicating an institution of an investigation on the same scandal.

Why were fire people who honestly kept the money safe in the bank not their personal pockets?Truly, it is either the presidency is not given authentic information or it acts on falsehoods or impulse?

And why has the poor people’s money been stashed in a Zanaco account for such a long period as if poverty had ended in Zambia?

Is this money which has just been discovered at Zanaco account a refund or original money from donors? We need a proper paper trail because this in itself is a scandal.

If this was not a scheme to hide and later steal the $2.7m, one wonders what was the motive behind the stashing of this money in an account while the beneficiaries are suffering!

Was this money put in a fixed account to attract interest which would be later shared or what? We need an explanation and ZANACO owes Zambians and explanation on this account and its money

If this is how state organs/institutions are now operating, then this is confusingly confusing.


2 Responses to ZANACO hoax has arrived at State House

  1. ZANACO has no explanation to give. The SCT funds were given to 2 institutions (ZANACO AMD ZAMPOST) because of their extensive outlet networks stretching into the rural areas. ZANACO. The SCT program at ZANACO is going according to plan. However the stolen money is at ZAMPOST. The money at ZANACO is their allocation while ZAMPOST STOLE their share of the SCT Funds. It is this money the British wants refunded. This government should not be peddling lies.

    September 28, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    • Why was ZANACO sitting on the money?

      October 5, 2018 at 11:01 am

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