Zamtel warns of internet interruptions

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Zamtel has started the expansion of key data network equipment to improve customer internet experience, and the company has warned of interruptions during the period.

Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Sydney Mupeta says the expansion work is part of the company’s continuous efforts to ensure good availability and reliability of internet infrastructure.

He says the expansion of the Data Core Network has been necessitated by the steady increase in internet usage which has required further increase in network capacity.

He says there is a steady rise in data usage especially on its Velocity offering which has added pressure on the existing network capacity, resulting in slower connectivity in some places.

Mupeta was speaking when he announced the commencement of expansion of the works.

And Zamtel Chief Technical and Information Officer Jason Mwanza said intermittent disruptions of internet services during the period of upgrade are expected.

Mwanza said the network upgrade will take a period of four weeks and expected to be completed by the 20th August 2021.


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