ZAMTEL sues Lusambo for failing to pay rent 

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Bowman Lusambo

ZAMTEL has sued Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo for failure to pay rentals for a house in Ndola.

ZAMTEL has told the court that Lusambo has become a problematic tenant and that the company does want him to continue as its tenant.

The Company is also demanding 590,000 Kwacha exclusive of withholding tax which Lusambo has not allegedly paid despite been reminded.

This is according to the Affidavit in Support of originating notice of motion filed in the High Court.

According to the document Lusambo said that he used 2,050, 327 Kwacha 80 ngwee to renovate the same house which money should have been credited to his rental account.

Lusambo also requested ZAMTEL to sell him a house on Kabelenga Road in Ndola.

This is because he invested in the property and that his family had became emotionally attached to it.

But ZAMTEL refused saying this request was not feasible.

The company says the demand by Lusambo to be given back the money which he used to renovate the house cannot be considered.

ZAMTEL said this is because it did not agree that Lusambo should use his money to renovate the house.

It said Lusambo has never paid rent from the time he started using the house despite been reminded to do so. Znbc


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