Zamtel management mismanage K386 million project on the Copperbelt

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Zamtel embarked on a K386 Million project aimed at flooding the Copperbelt market with its internet devices on its long overdue improved network. Its strategy to do so was to deploy as many youths out of the streets to do their customer bidding and win them over to their network. This saw the creation of plenty job opportunities for the youths to which the community at large praised not only the institution but the government at large being the major stake holder in Zamtel for pumping in resources into improving the company and in the process creating jobs for the many highly qualified youths seeking employment in the communities.

Unfortunately, Zamtel senior management on the Copperbelt as well as Lusaka took advantage of the desperation of the youths and decided to exploit them rather than give them empowerment. The K386 Million project started late March, youths travelled far and wide to attend the conducted interviews where the selected where immediately put to work. More recruitment where done to boost efforts by having targeted school leavers work on commission based remuneration while the latter worked on fixed salaries. Contracts were signed by all parties. Amongst the conditions, was an assured pay date not exceeding the 30th day of each month.

This unfortunately was never honoured. People went onto work until the 16th day of May without pay. Deliberate negligence by the management under the leadership of Clever Mbozi (Copperbelt Sales Manager). He was then replaced By Margaret Nkhata (current Copperbelt sales manager) who only exploited the already deprived youth even more by coming to terminate their contracts unlawfully and without pay for their months’ work, claiming poor performance, yet people where working tirelessly without pay for close to 2 months.

It begs to wonder whether the Managements intensions where solely based on using the youths as cheap labour to conduct their sales, meet the business target’s and discard them as soon as they reached their numbers ignoring their 3 months contracts that they had signed onto. This has left most of the previously employed youths in crippling financial positions as most invested in the jobs in order meet the transport expectations required to move around and work as the company sadly didn’t provide any means of transport in order for them to get around and work. Many walked many killometres in the sun, moving door to door as required by the company just to make the sales. This saw those that came from further locations such as Twatatasha, Kalulushi, etc to get loans in order to pay for their transport.

Now, they are left at the mercy of their debtors as Margaret Nkhata and the finance directors sitting in Lusaka have decided to act inhuman, inconsiderate and outright unlawful as they deprive the youth of a brighter future whilest they take care of their own children at homes. Just think about it, a K386 Million project budget can’t surely have salary wages for temporary employees as an issue. Perhaps funds where mismanaged by the very managers and now they want the youths to pay the price for it.

Youths are desperately seeking government intervention on the matter as youths are left with no choice but to head to the local courts to have their plea heard.







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