Zambia’s fate nigh, no regime stays in power forever

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By Munyonzwe Hamalengwa

It indeed gets darkest before dawn. No scared power gives up without a supreme fight. Everyone even in a losing cause has that last fight in him or her.

This is what is happening now. And these are just the beginnings. And it will be ferocious.

They know facing prison if that is the outcome will be painful and embarrassing and will lead to lose of corruptly obtained wealth.

They can’t simply roll over and hand over power on a silver platter. Trump is doing the same in the US. But the institutions of democracy are stronger there.

People don’t get arrested for exercising their hard won democratic rights.

They don’t get summonised to police stations to answer to things they don’t know about. Commissions of Inquiry don’t get convoked to fix just one person.

But rule of law will eventually triumph.

No regime stays in power forever.

In Syria, Assad has destroyed his once beautiful civilization just to cling to power but even he will eventually be removed and jailed. Where is Mugabe? MOBUTU? HUSSEINI? GADDAFFI? KAUNDA? And All other strong men in history.


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