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Zambia’s economy doing well – RB

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Former President Rupiah Banda says it is regrettable that a lot of lies have been told about Zambia’s economy being bleak.

Banda says among the “lies” that have been told was that Zambia was losing state-owned enterprises and other national assets to its debtors.

The country’s fourth president argues that Zambia’s economy is positive and undergoing a normal economic process.

Banda said the lies about Zambia’s economic situation should be brought to an end as they were capable of destroying the country’s image abroad.

He is confident that President Edgar Lungu has a group of professionals who would help him develop the country.

Banda says the country is capable of paying back its debt as it was within its limits, adding that Zambia had so far never defaulted on any of its loans.

He adds that there is need to find solutions to problems persisting in the agriculture, mining and manufacturing sectors among others.

And Banda says Zambia should understand reasons why there are few tourists that visit the country despite being endowed with immense tourist, heritage and wildlife sites.

He says the low number of tourist visitations that the country has continued to record must be interrogated in order to make the tourism sector more vibrant.

Meanwhile, Banda has called on African countries to give support to the people of Democratic of Congo (DRC) in order to maintain peace in that country.

He says recent elections in Congo DR demonstrated that there was deepening democracy in Africa.

Banda says the DRC achieved remarkable progress in consolidating democratic transition of power despite some logistical and geographical challenges.

He notes that the country now had an opportunity to tackle some of the problems it had faced in the past.

Banda has since called on President Felix Tshisekedi together with his former close competitor Martin Fayulu and former President Joseph Kabila to devise a system that would help the country find solutions to its common problems.

He was speaking in Johannesburg, South Africa, in transit to Nigeria where he will be leading a team of observers to monitor that country’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections due on February 16.


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