“Zambia’s democracy is at crossroads due to joblessness”

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Sampa kneels before President Lungu

The mammoth rally held by PF in Matero, Muchinga grounds yesterday has exposed President Lungu and his government says President for Radical Revolutionary Party Vincent Chiale.

Chiale says there is no way a political party can have a mammoth rally on working day, working hour and expect a full attendance.

“It clearly shows everyone in attendance at that particular rally was a loafer except the President himself,” said Chiale.

He says in a normal circumstances President Lungu and his team would have struggled to organise a rally ,taking into consideration Matero is just next to heavy industrial area.

Chaile says the President exhibit what we would call “GRUEL KINDNESS”,He pleaded with the jobless and hungry masses to vote and employ one jobless Miles Sampa.


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