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All other Zambians want change except PF- says HH as he rallies Southern Province

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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is in the Southern Province, his stronghold where he is rallying supporters to go and register to vote.

Addressing a magnitude of his supporters in Dundumwezi, Hichilema said the whole country is calling for change except the PF and a few corrupt individuals who want to continue milking the national resources.

He called on his supporters not to be switched off by long hours and queues during registration, saying it could be tedious for now, but beneficial in the long run.

“Please endure long hours and queues for now. It’s a worthwhile cause than enduring years of repression, economic mismanagement and corruption,” he said.

The UPND president implored his supporters to exhibit the same enthusiasm on the voting day, by coming out in their numbers and cast their ballots.

Hichilema also paid a courtesy call on Chief Siachitema in Kalomo District and assured him that he will unite the country for the continued peace and development of the nation.

Hichilema also implored the Chief and other traditional leaders to emphasize to their subjects the importance of registering to vote and get their cards ahead of the 2021 polls.


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