Zambians should get rid of the mentality that women can’t lead – NGOCC

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Sara Longwe

NGOCC Board Chairperson Sara Longwe has called for a shift in the way people in the country view women when it comes to participation in decision making positions and politics.

Speaking in an interview with the Zambian Eye on Thursday, Longwe said Zambians should get rid of the belief that women cannot lead because women have proved that they often deliver whenever they are charged with leadership responsibilities.

Longwe said the low number of women in positions of power has contributed to the escalating poverty in the country.

“Zambians have got a belief that women cannot lead so both women and men do not vote for women but yet all the time whenever a woman has been in leadership at community level things have worked well. As NGOCC we are trying to change that mindset because the country is not utilizing the God given human resource in a woman,” Longwe stated.

“Women are managing homes with little resources because they are good managers. Go to communities…women are the ones taking care of orphans and the vulnerable with little resources and yet these are the very people you shun to take care of national resources.”

She explained that her organisation has a deliberate program to sensitise the communities to ensure that there a shift in terms of how women are viewed.

Longwe said men have been in charge of the country since independence but the country is worse than it was when it was liberated hence the need to fully incorporate women in the running of the country’s resources.

Despite having progressive proposed legislative documents which have been used by other countries in the region, lack of commitment to effect the proposed legislation has seen the country lag behind when it comes to women representation in decision making positions



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