Zambians have turned politics into witchcraft, Sakala tells the Queen

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Edwin Sakala

Edwin Sakala has written to the Queen in England and told her that politicians in Zambia are turning politics into witchcraft.

Sakala is stooge supporter of President Edgar Lungu and Patriotic Front (PF). He has been discrediting the Commonwealth who are facilitating for dialogue in Zambia between two biggest political parties – PF and UPND.

Below is Sakala’s letter which he also sent to Zambian Eye.

22nd April, 2018

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11


Head of the Commonwealth






C/O The British High Commissioner





Your Majesty,


We would like to express our appreciation for the role that Your Majesty have continued to play in maintaining peace and unity among the Commonwealth countries from the year 1952 and this time for yourwillingness to help Zambia resolve its perceived Political problem is further proof of this.

Our party was however forced to write Your Majesty on 21st September, 2017 asking that the Commonwealth must allow Zambians to resolve their perceived problems because we know that the crisis in Zambia cannot be solved through dialogue only. What Zambia needs is a well thought out spiritual healing program and to be prayed for by all God fearing people across the world because it is facing a serious spiritual battle with the forces of light and evil manifesting in flesh.

At the risk of sounding very foolish or even mad to the world we can openly tell Your Majesty that Zambia which is still a haven of peace and a declared Christian nation has not been spared by the international Antichrist forces which are sponsoring some NGOS, Churches and Political parties to do everything to kill the Biblical values which many Zambians still live by.

Politics in the country have been turned into being a proper witchcraft art as the so called leaders focus only on destroying others at the expense of the suffering majority population. Instead of the these leaders who have made themselves filthily rich and now dominating political influence in Zambia spending time on discussing issues like  how Zambia can get out of widespread poverty using its abundant natural wealth, these political leaders are preoccupied with faultfinding each other and working on schemes to demonize each other. All they see are wrongs and nothing positive.

Our party is saddened by the fact that the very strong moral, economic, spiritual and social foundation which the British left at independence and indeed the independence vision which Zambia could have used to maintain its status as one of the most progressive countries on the continent is completely lost.

The IMF/World Bank sponsored Structural Adjustment programme-SAP threw all the workers who knew the background of Zambia on the street without giving them their benefits and those who retired normally have not been paid their benefits to ensure that they perish and leave the country to those with no idea of where Zambia came from and how good it was remain to continue the new Zambian culture of each one chasing the wind.

The programs which have sent the people who understand the history of Zambia to early and premature deaths has contributed greatly to the perceived crisis Zambia is facing because the young people lack the sense of nationalism and patriotism which held the nation together.

Many young Zambians are now preoccupied with getting easy money for survival a situation which has now opened the doors of Zambia to forces of darkness responsible for the bloodshed and chaos across the world working towards destabilizing Zambia and forcing a regime change.

From the unprintable insults, fake news, Cynical language and Political propaganda which are in the Zambian print and social Media every day and indeed the primitive politics being championed by some of the foreign sponsored organizations it is clear that Satanism has contributed to the problems Zambia is facing.

It is like Zambia is on sale and each bidder is calling for their own song because Zambia which has been a firm Christian nation is now having political parties which are advocating for Gay rights while some of the opposition parties like the UPND which are recognized by the Commonwealth openly declared that they will not accept the results of the last elections and declared that they will do everything including creating an Armageddon in Zambia if they lost elections for the fifth time in a role.

It is our prayer that Your Majesty after reading this brief account will understand that the Commonwealth must find a better way of helping Zambia because it is dealing with a matter beyond ordinary politics.

We have political players and a bandwagon of foreign sponsored organizations with only one agenda in mind and that is to remove the popularly elected government by any means because they know that they have no chance of winning any election in the country hence seeking for shortcuts.

Our concern as a party is that this team of desperate people has infiltrated the government machinery and is also busy putting sand in the system.

As one of the oldest political parties in Zambia which witnessed the lowering of the Union Jack flag and the start of independence and there after worked with nearly all the political party leaders who have come and gone we feel duty bound to defend the interest of Zambia.

This should explain the decision our party has taken to look for funds to help us campaign effectively for Federalism. Each of the ten provinces should become semi autonomous states as a way of ensuring that each of the 74 Zambia tribes participate in the governance system.

This will not only end the tribal politics at play but also help Zambians focus on developmental issues in their provinces.

We met the Commonwealth team lead by Professor Gambari twice and our message to him was that the best thing the Commonwealth would do is to facilitate for a National Stakeholders Conference to help Zambians revisit the constitution which seem to be the root cause of the perceived crisis in Zambia.

It is our prayer that all God fearing members of the Commonwealth will put Zambia in their prayer and that the Commonwealth will find a more efficient method of helping Zambia resolve its problem in view of the fact that it is dealing with opposition parties with already set minds and a spiritual problem.

Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President


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