Zambian Prophets accuse fellow Nigerian Prophet of being a Satanist

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Two Zambian prophets have openly confessed and exposed their Zambian based –Nigerian Colleague is practicing witchcraft, occultism and Satanism.

Prophet Ian Chipoka and Prophet Fred Ntinda made such revelations in the video which has since gone viral. The two prophets who stood side by side during a  Standing in the gap prayer meeting said Prophet Andrew is practicing occultism and always gets his power from the alter which he has built in his house. There also allege that he is a womanizer and drunkard whose prophecies is a magic money making scheme. There further disclosed that who ever he administers anointing water is initiated in his cult and satanic groupings.

But Prophet Andrew has asked both Prophet Ntinda and Prophet Chipoka to go to his house to expose and pray against his evil alters. According to the message he sent through to Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe the coordinator of the Program were the two former allies of Prophet Andrew made the confession, Prophet Andrew asked both men to visit him in company of the media and cameras so as to show the world if he is indeed an occultist.


But according to the details Prophet Ian gave in the video Prophet Andrew is said to lure and entice his colleagues with evil anointing oil which he gets from a mentioned website.


“We don’t won’t him dead or anything, we just want Zambians to know. And I shall do everything to make him leave Zambia.”


“ ….there is a certain oil called do as I say oil. Now this oil even if you are a man of God and as long as you have gone to submit, when they its pulled on you, anything this man tells you to do, will do it” Prophet Ian explained. “

“I am saying again that Andrew is not a man of God. What type of man of God goes with a woman before service? We would drink alcohol before service and we came to prophesy”

“I can show you a website where he uses to buy occult anointing oil. If you have a phone just Google .” Prophet Ian explained.


But when contacted for comment Prophet Fred said he will issue a statement later whilst Prophet ian posted on his Facebook page that he is awaiting Andrew to dispute his testimony and he is ready to face anyone and exposé evil


2 Responses to Zambian Prophets accuse fellow Nigerian Prophet of being a Satanist

  1. Lord almighty, expose them all fake prophets. never heard of any zambian prophet who gave a prophecy that came to pass, pls i stand to be corrected if i m wrong.

    May 30, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    • Now, these Zambians called apostles that are leading these pastors to condenm this niger pastor, have they checked their status with God. 3/4 of our Zambian pastors are into the same satanism. zambians beware, most are just trying to make a name with the govt that they are witchfinders when they too harbour witches at their churches. There is a church i used to attend behind garden house hotel and i withdrew coz i found out they too were a cult. Stop being judgemental when u are cult too.

      June 9, 2016 at 2:17 pm

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