Zambian Politicians won’t solve all your problems

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Miles with HHBy Nsambila Mbolela

Monday 28th March, 2016 was an epic day for avid political followers of Zambian politics. Guy Scott and Miles Sampa in a Zebra political symbol (white and black), as if providing Zambians with the answer to the 100 years old age question: are Zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes, stood there telling the nation and Zambians living abroad (ZLA), that they have the solutions to the country’s problems. Finally, the answer to the Zebra’s stripes question that has puzzled the scientific community lies in the PACT in which DF and UPND agreed to work together towards the August 11th General Elections. At the same Zebra symbolic ceremony, former acting President Guy Scott endorsed the candidature of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema (a.k.a HH). Who said Zambian politics was not as mesmerizing as staring at the Zebra’s stripes?

I am currently reading a book, “The Road to Character” by David Brooks. In the book David Brooks talks about the difference between curriculum vitae virtues and eulogy virtues. Curriculum vitae virtues are ones you list on your CV to impress your employers. These are skills that contribute to your success in the corporate world. The eulogy virtues represent the person you are, the essence of who people will talk about at your funeral. Questions of character include how well you treated other people, ethically be counted on to do what is right no matter what, integrity, and kept promises to ourselves and others in a congruent fashion. In short-our character! The question is, is our current Zambian politics based on personal ambition or character?

I am not in the position to tell you who you should vote for. Here is what I have learnt about politics in general and I hope you find my advise helpful. When a politician or any person tells you that you are victim and they have a solution to your problem, that makes them a Jesus (or proverbial Maikalenge). Please don’t let anyone become the Jesus of your story of life.  Exercise your right to vote, but don’t expect politicians to solve your life problems.

I was joking with my social media friends that there are two seasons in Zambia, namely; farming season and political season. Both farming and political seasons bring unhealthy expectations among Zambians. Just like a farmer who thinks all his/her farming problems can be solved by the rain is just as misguided as a voter who thinks politicians can fix their lives. There is no political party in Zambia that’s going to solve your life problems. There is no DF, MMD, PF or even UPND politician who if elected is going to become Jesus in your life and wipe away your poverty and fulfill every life dream and your children’s children life dreams. It’s a 120% lie that has crushed many Zambian’s dreams.

I do sincerely acknowledge that there are factors like corruption, nepotism and lack of equal opportunity that can hurt a person’s chances at success. However, I still stand by my claim; the only way to overcome such obstacles is to not let you become a victim of politics. Zambia is where Zambia is because of the choices good or bad politicians made, and you are where you are in life because of the personal choices you made, good or bad. It’s not too late to get up and choose a different path of your life story. When politicians tell you that you are where you are because of a political party or candidate, you are making yourself into a victim, and that makes them the savior of your life. You are the hero of your life. You are the solution to your life problems. Don’t let the politicians infect you with the blame game. Go to school, work hard at discovering your passion, stay away from negativity and stop self-medicating yourself with negativity and political lies. Pursue your dreams. You don’t have to be a politician to help other Zambians find their greatness. You are the Good News of your life. And, you (and not the politicians) are in-charge of writing your eulogy-destiny.


Mr. Nsambila Mbolela, is a native of Mufulira-Copper-Belt, currently based in the USA, a founding member of Zambia Institute of Transparency and Accountability (ZITA). ZITA is a Zambian Think Tank non-profit organization based in Canada-Zambia, whose mission is to promote public debate and awareness on issues of good governance, democracy and free and fair market economy in Zambia and Africa as whole. The author is a regular political and economic contributor to this organization.


5 Responses to Zambian Politicians won’t solve all your problems

  1. Mr Mbolela what you saying? Politicians & Politics will always be there & will affect us negatively or positively. Good politics will make your pursuit of self actualization easy while bad politics will derail even your going to school.
    Separate the two subjects you are discussing. While you might have a point the way your discussion is coming out its like its targeted at an individual you wouldn’t want to win the coming elections.

    itizi turu
    March 31, 2016 at 9:19 am

  2. No one says they will so all our problems but they should make easier for us to solve most of our problems. Dunderhead thinking

    March 31, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    • You are the one who missed his point ms retard. He is not writing to western audience whose political system has been proven and well accepted. He is writing to stupid Zambians who waste their time and energy going through election cycles thinking their selfish politicians will deliver for them. Zambia’s political system will never and I mean NEVER deliver to its stakeholders. They are all incompetent and selfish. So he is right. They wont solve a single problem not even helping you to put food on the table. Ya a case of the blind leading the blind. You are the solution you are looking for in the retards.

      March 31, 2016 at 2:47 pm

  3. They should provide a conducive environment for self actualisation. Just because I walked 30km (sometimes honestly) to school and got my degree doesn’t mean my children should also walk 30 km. But off course what you are saying is also ok about personal hard work and achieving our dreams but as said above. But it will be easier for our children if politicians solve the problems they are supposed to solve for us. Don’t give up on your right!

    Rigging Experts_ Timor Consulting
    March 31, 2016 at 2:15 pm

  4. I am not looking for somebody to solve my personal problems but somebody to solve national problems. Judging from your article its like saying we should not change leaders because they are incapable of solving national problems. What kind of thinking is that mr intellectual? Why was UNIP and MMD removed If according to you no politician can deal bettet with national problems. Are you happy to see a road that is supposed to cost K5m per kilometre costing double if not more that amount? Well no matter what you say my vote is for the party I have confidence in and that is UPND. Remain with your pf and I will respect you for that.

    April 1, 2016 at 2:46 pm

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