Zambian Breweries unveils first ever ‘Responsible drinking’ media awards

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Media covering the visit of Finance Minister Hon. Felix Mutati to Zambian Breweries’ Ndola plant last year.

In the spirit of bringing people together for a better country, Zambian Breweries has unveiled the first ever ‘Responsible drinking’ media awards in Zambia. This journalism competition will run under the theme ‘’ Responsible drinking and alcohol landscape in Zambia.’’ The company attaches greater importance to responsible production, packaging, sale, distribution and consumption of its beverages.
A K10,000 cash grand prize has been set aside for each of three categories: the best print or online article, best television/ video report, and best radio package. The awards ceremony will be held in October while deadline for applications submissions has been set for June 30, 2017.
Zambian Breweries (ZBL) Corporate Affairs Director Ezekiel Sekele made the announcement during a media day that was held at the company’s Mungwi Road plant in Lusaka.
Mr Sekele said the competition was open to all journalists in Zambia from both print and electronic media. He also said the stories should be original work of the authors.
Articles may be submitted in print or broadcast (radio or TV/video) format and applicants may submit more than one article. Interested journalists are invited to submit their applications to stating their full name and contact details, organisation and job title, and a statement that the submission is their own work, and has not been plagiarised. Where submissions have been edited, the name of the editor should also be submitted, along with the original article or script.
Submissions will be judged by a panel that will include Zambian Breweries, media experts and advisors from the industry. The articles will be judged on their overall contribution to furthering understand about issues surrounding responsible drinking and the overall alcohol landscape in Zambia citing the challenges and successes to date. Judges will be looking for the depth of genuine understanding of the subject matter, balanced coverage, news sense, accuracy, presentation, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and grammar.
ZBL does not allow sale and consumption of alcohol by underage consumers. Further, all its products are clearly labelled as such. The company supports all efforts made to ensure that traders and retailers all abide to the regulations on operating time and maintenance of trading certificates and liquor licenses in order to promote compliance.
Zambian Breweries has also stated that next year the company will consider joining hands with the MISA Awards and therefore the period of coverage for the subsequent awards will commence from around July 2017 to April 2018 next year.


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