Zambian Breweries ranked among Africa’s top 250 companies

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Zambian Breweries has been ranked as one of Africa’s top 250 companies by market capitalisation, strengthening its position in Africa as one of the most preferred public company to invest in.

The ranking in the Top 250 Companies report is according to the value of shares listed on stock exchanges by market capitalisation this year, expressed in US dollars.

According to research done by Africa Business Magazine, Zambian Breweries is among new entrants in the ranking of Africa’s top companies, with a market capitalisation of US$536 million.

Zambian Breweries country director Jose Moran said the ranking demonstrated the company’s commitment towards investment and engaging in opportunities that bring value to shareholders.

The company was listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) o June 9, 1997.

“It is an honor to be among Africa’s top 250 companies this year as this reflects the progress that we have made as a company and our pledge to be a company that adds value to people’s investment,” said Moran.

He added: “We are a company that looks for opportunities to serve the communities in which we operate in as well as offering opportunities for people to invest.

“We are a growing company with top class quality of service and products for our consumers. This has allowed us not only to excel in the industry we operate in. Our brands continue to rank top and are preferred by consumers.”

He added that the ranking of Zambian Breweries among Africa’s Top 250 companies was important because it indicated to investors that the company was growing.

Moran said the ranking of the company was also made possible by the commitment and hard work of employees who put in a lot to ensure that the company was living up to the expectations of its investors and communities.

According to Africa Business Magazine, South African firms still dominate the ranking of Africa’s top 250 companies by market capitalisation, but firms from the continent’s faster growing economies have increased their presence in the 2019 ranking.


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