Zambian breweries introduces first of its kind 660ml Castle Lite bottle

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Zambian Breweries has added an extra bottle size to its range of Castle Lite lager with the introduction of a new mega-sized 660ml option.

Consumers can now choose to share the premium lager with friends thanks to the new bottle size, which makes the beer more affordable.

“We are super-excited that Zambia’s most innovative and coldest beer can now be enjoyed in a bigger bottle that can be shared with friends to ensure that it is Extra Cold till the last drop,” said Zambian Breweries country director Jose Moran, who also reminded consumers to drink responsibly.

The all-new Castle Lite 660ml version is also poised to give the company extra impetus to increase the purchase of raw agriculture products such as maize and barley from local farmers leading to the diversification of the economy and job creation along the company’s value chain, he said.

Zambian farmers will also benefit from the product extension, which in line with the Seventh National Development Plan’s objective to modernise agriculture by improving productivity and prioritising value addition in the agro-industry sector.

“We want consumers to responsibly enjoy this affordable new option with friends. We also want our farmers to benefit from this new product as we aim to increase our local sourcing efforts. We hope to give an extra push to the nation’s value addition drive with the bigger 600ml Castle Lite bottle,” added Moran.


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