Zambian Breweries calls for action on fuel tanker time bomb

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zambian breweriesZambian Breweries was on full emergency alert this week as up to 200 fully laden fuel tankers lined the roads surrounding its Mungwi Road production facility.

The country’s largest brewer considered evacuating its premises yesterday (May 4) as the situation worsened if a solution is not found urgently to stop the tankers of flammable fuel parking on the roadsides in Lusaka’s main industrial area.

“It is very dangerous – the worst it has ever been,” said Managing Director Annabelle Degroot. “We have a major fire risk, with the lives of our staff in danger as well as the enormous threat to our property and equipment.”

Emergency evacuation procedures are in place and Zambian Breweries staff have been deployed to extinguish cooking fires being lit by some tanker drivers near their vehicles as they wait offload petrol.

The danger of fuel tankers parked on the side of roads – in many cases overnight – was highlighted last year when a truck loaded with petrol caught fire. Only quick action by a combined team of Zambian Breweries safety personnel and the Lusaka Fire Brigade averted what could have been a national catastrophe and a high-profile accident that would have tarnished Zambia’s reputation on industrial safety standards.

For the last few years Zambian Breweries management along with other businesses have been engaging the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, Ministry of Energy, the Police Service, and the local authorities to highlight the danger of these tankers.

There is an urgent need to relocate fuel depots away from high-density industrial areas and ensure strict enforcement of the existing regulations governing the bulk storage and transportation of fuel, said Mrs Degroot.


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