Zambian Breweries agro-processing benefits local farmers

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Zambian Breweries is one of the largest buyers of agriculture produce in Zambia, profiting local farmers through its value addition and the creation of agro markets, latest figures from the company have revealed.

In 2018, over 15,000 tonnes of barley, 7,000 tonnes of cassava and 3,000 tonnes of sorghum were sourced locally by Zambian Breweries, benefiting more than 8,000 farming households across the country.

Zambian Breweries is working with small-scale and commercial farmers to establish agriculture as the key driver of the economy by buying quality produce to make premium clear beer.

“We want Zambian farmers to produce enough quality agricultural inputs so that every product we make can be produced entirely from the locally sourced ingredients,” said country director Jose Moran, speaking during the company’s farmers day engagement and award ceremony.

“Local sourcing of agriculture ingredients is very important for the country as it boosts the economy while uplifting the actual communities,” he added.

“I am very happy today that everything inside Mosi beer is Zambian. This would have not been possible without the engagement and commitment from our local farmers supplying quality agro inputs.”

Zambian Breweries promotes value addition as an agro-processor and brings diversity in the economy through purchasing a variety of crops such as cassava, sorghum, maize and barley from more than 5,000 cassava farmers, 3,000 sorghum farmers and about 40 barley farmers.

“I am impressed with the number of farmers we have been able to capture on our agriculture programme,” said Moran. “We want the numbers of farmers growing these crops to increase.

“We have set up the best financial systems to pay the farmers, which also establishes them on our database, using blockchain technology to enhance smart agriculture and financial inclusion, especially in rural areas through the launch of the Chembe BanQu project.”

Zambian Breweries promises to be a reliable partner to local farmers and a driver in helping farmers practice smart agriculture to produce the best yields in the long run.

“The best quality beer in the world is produced with the finest natural ingredients. Barley, Maize, , sorghum and cassava are vital ingredients in beer production. Zambian farmers produce one of the finest Barley around the globe because of smart agriculture skills and the favourable climate conditions.”

Through key partnerships with government and non-governmental organisations, Zambian Breweries has achieved sustainable methods of farming and has improved yields despite low rainfall in the previous farming season.

Through parent company AB InBev’s global 2025 sustainability agriculture goals, Zambian Breweries works in tandem with Zambia’s Seventh National Development Plan towards making Zambia a middle-income country by 2030.


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