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Zambia remembers one of the greatest football commentators of all times

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The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has reignited the yesteryear memories of great football commentary in the country, as the nation remembers Phillip Dennis Liwewe who died on 22 April 2014, aged 78.

Meanwhile, when it comes to football commentary in the country, one big name which lingers in many football fans’ minds is Phillip Dennis Liwewe, who made listening to football commentary a wonder.

He made the game appear more exciting than it actually was on the pitch. Some of the fans enjoyed listening the game from a radio set than watching it on TV.

Announcing his passing on back then in 2014, Ponga Liwewe, his eldest son, said: “He passed away this morning at Levy Mwanawasa hospital. He was 78 years old and has had liver problems. He has been in hospital with a Liver aliment.”

Meanwhile, FAZ posted today:

On this day seven years ago, Zambia lost its finest ever football commentator Phillip Dennis Liwewe.

A connoisseur of words and widely respected for bringing reality to radio commentary.

Many watched the Zambia National Team matches with the volume turned off television in order to listen to Liwewe. What are your memories of Liwewe?

Apparently, one follower, Felix Mubanga Kangwa Jr says: “I vividly Remember him , on The Panel of Experts during the 2012 Afcon Victory at ZNBC , His Positivity and Analysis was always on point. Rest in Peace Legend.”

Patrick Mwale, says: “I vividly recall when he was featured in one of the programs on the national broadcaster ZNBC.When he was asked every question, he could respond relating it to football.

“He loved the National team dearly and he died a happy man because his dream came true in 2012 when Zambia won the AFCON against all odds.

“Continue resting in peace uncle Dennis! Am appealing to the govt, should there be any plan of erecting another ultra- modern stadium,it should be named after him.”

Meanwhile, Alick Zulu chips in:

“I remember him on the set with Matimba Nkonje on 12th February on ZNBC during the AFCON finals. He said “I have been longing for this to happen, for the Chipolopolo to be AFCON Champions…….. Now I can die in peace”. A true Soccer lover.”

Meanwhile, neighbouring Zimbabwe is not without its own memories of great football commentary, when this subject comes up, many remembers Evans Mambara.

Mambara was one of the best football commentator who took the country by storm. Mambara redefined radio football commentary, “Kuteerera bhora paradio” , listening to football on radio became a Sunday ritual.

Evans combined well with Mabika but as an individual, he was an outstanding performer. -Zwnews


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